1995 Subaru Legacy L from North America


Started with burning oil way to quickly. Repair people stated that this was common in Subaru's.

Seats are very uncomfortable, lose their support quickly if they had any.

Airbags blow out defectively, drivers side came out fine, passengers side only partly. This was after taping someone at a stop light. 5-10 MPR at most. Dealership was a major problem to work with.

Rust is a problem underneath, making it hard to fix and expensive.

Exhaust was replaced a few times.

Engine was replaced a year after a got it.

Struts, rotors, and usual brake stuff all replaced and not cheap.

General Comments:

This may be a lemon, but other Subaru owners seem to have similar problems. I have spent at least a $1,000 a year (more in the first couple of years).

Dealership people were very unhelpful. When the airbags came out they said it was a defect and past warranty so they would not do any thing about it. When my insurance call them they said the there was no proof that I hit anyone and so it should not be covered. This went on for months until the American Roadside Safety people call Subaru and then Subaru magically found where I must have tapped the other car.

The car cost me so much money in the beginning (the rebuilt engine) that I could imagine getting rid of it, I would never make the money back. My friends with Subaru's (at least 3 others) say the same thing about theirs.

Gas mileage is not good and the new ones are even worse.

They are tough solid cars, good in the winter.

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Review Date: 29th July, 2005

21st Feb 2006, 22:17

You have 3 such friends with the exact same cars with the exact same cars?

I see a little man trying to make his complaints seem more important than they really are.

22nd Feb 2006, 15:24

I meant exact same cars with exact same problems lol.

1995 Subaru Legacy L 2.2L from North America


A very solid economical car


I have only had minor problems with the car.

The master cylinder went out at around 200,000 miles.

I have had two axles replaced at a cost of about $200 each total.

General Comments:

I am a stickler for simple USER FRIENDLY design and Subaru does it right!

I have only had normal wear and tear issues with this car and it continues to run very well!

I am currently shopping for a new one as my car has 237K miles already!

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Review Date: 22nd July, 2004

1995 Subaru Legacy GT Wagon 2.0 Twin turbo (petrol) from Australia and New Zealand


All road, all season rocket


Nothing has really gone wrong with the car, however, difficulties exist with getting the wheel alignment set correctly; Alignment specialists have yet to get the toe in set correctly which results in uneven tire wear.

Rocker Cover Gaskets and cam belts replaced at 101,000kms; as expected.

Power curve uneven, gates for boost control re-set by dealer successfully.

Occasionally makes a bubbling noise when first started, yet undiagnosed.

General Comments:

Fantastic practical car for all year round, very comfortable ride in all seasons due to good climate control.

Well suited to winter, and certainly snow conditions. The window de-misters work well front and rear. Also side mirror heaters are great!

With 205kW (280bHP) it outperforms anything I have previously owned, and passing big trucks in short spaces no problems!

Auto transmission sometimes a pain, but the power button is great when passing to get the gear changes and chop down performing better.

Heaps of room for luggage and tie down latches in the boot are awesome for strapping down gear in the back, they have come in very handy when transporting large heavy objects like fridges.

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Review Date: 8th January, 2004