Legacy Limited 30th Anniv. Edition 2.4L

Great reliable car

91 words

Legacy GT Wagon 2.5L

GREAT all-season car, just be wary of the 2.5's head gaskets

223 words

Legacy Brighton 2.2L

Basic transportation

271 words

Legacy 2.5

Good car so long as it's not a lemon and you treat it well

38 words

Legacy L 2.2 gas

Great value and safe too

115 words

Legacy Outback 2.5

So far so good

92 words

Legacy GT 2.5

Expensive to maintain and it still falls apart

73 words

Legacy L 2.2

Good, reliable, practical vehicle

363 words

Legacy GT Limited Sedan 2.5 litre twin cam

I love this thing!

368 words, 2 comments

Legacy L EJ22

Loved it up to the head gasket issue

110 words

Legacy 2.5L

61 words

Legacy 2.5GT 2.5L

One of my favourites!!!

60 words

Legacy Outback 2.5 liter

Great Performance, apparent design flaws

100 words

Legacy GT Limited Sedan 4 cylinder 2.5 liter

The price of a used Subaru is worth the money, no matter the style

74 words, 2 comments

Legacy GT 2.5

Great car, wonderful ride

40 words

Legacy GT 2.5L

Lots to love, but one big thing to hate

61 words, 2 comments

Legacy GT Wagon 2.5L

A lot of money for a lot less car

862 words, 18 comments

Legacy 2.5 GT 2.5 Inline 4

Beats a Camry/Accord in every department possible

76 words

Legacy L 2.2L

AWD rules, but the L needs a bit more power

135 words

Legacy GT 2.5

A reliable and comfortable vehicle

92 words, 2 comments

Legacy GT 2.5 litre

Rock solid and fun to drive!

157 words

Legacy GT Limited 2.5

Better than a Beemer, more practical than most anything else out there

169 words, 5 comments

Legacy L 2.2

Good family car, easy to maintain

103 words

Legacy GT 2.5

Everybody should have a Subaru AWD

76 words, 2 comments

Legacy Outback Limited

28 words