Legacy Sedan GT Limited turbo

Failed to become sports sedan, it's a gas guzzler economy car

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Legacy GT Wagon 2.5 turbo

A blast to drive but subpar MPG, premium fuel needed, and multiple issues not covered under warranty

179 words

Legacy 2.5i Sedan 2.5L

Comfortable, reliable and safe!

135 words

Legacy GT Wagon 2.5 turbo

A fun to drive wagon

88 words

Legacy 2.5 GT 2.5L turbo

Turbocharged Goodness

223 words, 1 comment

Legacy 2.5

This car is part of me, I am attached

186 words

Legacy 2.5i

A step in the right direction

136 words

Legacy 2.5i Wagon 2.5

Not luxurious, but decent, reliable wheels for the money

56 words

Legacy Sedan 2.5L

Stay away from Subaru !

114 words, 15 comments

Legacy Limited Wagon 2.5

Great car with different back rest

125 words, 5 comments

Legacy GT 2.5 turbo

A stunning car at a reasonable price

101 words, 9 comments

Legacy 2.5i wagon 2.5i B4

Very impressive all around

123 words, 6 comments