19th Aug 2010, 14:44

I work for an auto dealer for a make which I will not name (not Subaru though), and I can tell you that my experience with most manufacturers, is that the company divides responsibility regionally, and that the service tech and service managers are all too often more at fault than the company. Once a dealer submits for a warranty claim, the regional people will make a determination, on the company's behalf, and it usually stops there. However, sometimes you have to bark up the tree. Take it to the larger regional area, and then to the national level if you have to, threaten class action, and better yet have a lawyer ready to get it moving if they call your bluff. It's not just Subaru, but all the car companies I have worked with. They have policies in place that are there to protect them financially, and most underlings will not violate policy, even if common sense would dictate otherwise.

I have owned 6-7 Subarus, and plan on buying another (or 2); they are good cars, and my time with the dealers I went to was great. It's all about the people who are at the dealer you go to, and who is staffing the regional warranty office at Subaru for your area. Go get em! And don't let this kill Subaru for you; I have driven pretty much everything, and keep coming back, for a reason.

15th Feb 2011, 02:36

Subaru of USA is a different entity to Subaru Japan - The US model cars are made in the US. I think that will be most of the problem. My Japan made Impreza has over 310,000 kms now and is still a great car to drive and very reliable - it has only broken down once, when the car had done 305,000 kms the fuel pump failed.

24th Apr 2011, 00:34

I know that this is a late reply, but I encourage all of you with 05 XTs to check out the following thread:


I know it is REALLY long, but it is really important stuff. There's a class here, really - and we need as many people as possible to speak up.

Also, federal emissions warranties often exceed the manufacturer's, and may apply. I'll be pursuing this option for our 05XT - which is on its SECOND blown turbo/engine.