30th Mar 2007, 14:34

I have had 3 subarus in 25 years of continuous driving. I have had few problems during that time. The biggest issue was CV joints, and that was partly my fault as I didn't inspect the boots when I should have. Sounds like Subbies aren't for you! As for me, I love em.

10th Jul 2007, 21:24

I don't understand how you could say that you won't be considering other Japanese cars if Subaru is any indication.

That's synonymous with saying that you wouldn't buy German cars if Opel is any indication.

1. Subaru generally makes good cars, but they can't be completely perfect.

2. Subaru is not Toyota. Subaru is not Honda. Subaru is not Mitsubishi. These are as true as saying that Ford is not GM or that Fiat is not Ferrari. Blaming a country's entire industry because of a problem with one car from one company is not very reasonable.

17th Sep 2007, 22:39

I own 2005 Legacy GT and I love the car. I had a few problems, nothing too serious, but most of it (not all of it) was fixed - although it took quite a few trips too many dealers to get this fixed. I have to agree with original poster that their service is horrible. Because of that, I will never buy another Subaru as well. It's not the car, and I understand that they can't be perfect, but every time I call Subaru service and tell them I have a problem their response is "these cars don't have any problems". I bring the car in anyway, they look at it and say they haven't found anything. I have to bring the car in multiple times to multiple dealers before it actually gets fixed. Not acceptable!!!

5th Dec 2007, 19:48

I'm happy with my Subaru dealer. All car dealers try to say: "it is not a bug, it is a feature"

16th May 2009, 17:21

It would seem that the vast majority of Subaru drivers are very content with their choices. These are also people who appear to realize that not all renditions of a car make are absolutely perfect. They probably drive the car as it is supposed and designed to be driven.

I generally find that those who find fault, often have expectations that are higher than they are entitled to have and consequently are disappointed. Car dealerships do not carry copies of every part that could go wrong with a car but do have quick access to those parts, usually within 24-48 hours. It is a very much ME world today, and I want it now world, what we all need is a bit of patience.

It is sad that people rant and rave when they can't get instant service.

I have owned two Subaru's and Yes, they are not perfect, but I have had so little problems that I have to say I think they are a better than average make of car. The QC is very good and my 8 1/2 year old Forester still has no rattles and shakes, and rides like a much more expensive car. That is quality. It also corners quite well when I need it and I am most often the first away at the lights in snow conditions due to that wonderful AWD.

My Legacy (4 yrs.) rides very smoothly and has great gas mileage, handles well for what it is, which is not a race car.

Stop complaining and stop to think that you yourself may be half the problem.

9th Jan 2010, 10:49

I have a 2005 Subaru Legacy GT. My turbo blew at 79,000 miles. I did my research and found out that Subaru has a major problem with all its 05 turbo engines. The problem is with the banjo bolt. It is a filter that is in between the turbo and the engine. They poorly designed this because there is no way of checking this filter to see if it needs to be replaced. When contacting Subaru, they said it was due to my error; interesting response due to the fact there is no way to check this filter without taking out major parts. Warning if you own the same car as me.

16th Jan 2010, 07:45

Having the same problem with our '05 Subaru Legacy GT (turbo engine) and at the roughly the same mileage. We too are being told it is our fault for not changing the oil often enough. Though my husband is faithful about that. Please post any recourse you have been successful with. Would be grateful for the advice.

14th Mar 2010, 07:51

I have 05 Subaru Legacy GT with 64k and the same problems. My turbo lost its oil feed due to this banjo filter screen, hence blowing the turbo. The turbo took out the engine, and now I have to pay 12,000 dollars to replace both. I talked to one dealer and they had 15 of these cars this year with the same problem. They pretty much told me to screw when I asked if it would be covered. So I took it to another dealer, and they had one on the lot already for the exact same problem, and said they would try. Subaru of America rep came and looked at it, and wanted proof of oil changes. I submitted all mine, and bought a Car Fax report with previous owners records with no change in the not covered result. I have found this is a very common problem, and I think it is time the government steps in. It is like Subaru added this part to fail right at or just after the 60k power train warranty. If anyone has any ideas how we can report this to get this to be a recall and have Subaru fix this... please post!

25th Apr 2010, 18:06

I own a '05 Subaru G.T. Legacy, and its turbo went out around 54 k. The powertrain warranty is good for 60,000 miles. A Subaru dealer looked at the turbo said there was sludge in it.

They said it was my fault. Apparently I didn't replace the oil enough, and didn't replace the turbo filter. Well I replaced the oil when needed, but the filter I didn't really know about. I figured that there is something starving the turbo of oil, and is a mechanical error, and not of my own neglect (and I never did neglect the oil changes).

Subaru of America told me it didn't matter if I had all the receipts of the oil changes. Subaru of America refused to fix it, even though the warranty is still good.

Shame on Subaru. I have another Subaru (Impreza). But as soon as it is possible, I will get rid of both. I will never own a car from this inconsiderate company again.

27th May 2010, 17:17

Not all Japanese cars are like that. Subaru and Mits are the only ones. Not to mention, are you sure yours was a true Japanese or not? There are other manufacturing plants world wide. Some make crap.

3rd Jun 2010, 00:35

It is a pity you have such a negative experience of Subaru.

Here in Europe, they are considered one of the most reliable make, together with Toyota. That is why I buy them (now Legacy 2004, 170000km, no problem).

German cars are also good, but not so much, the biggest advantage is spare parts and servicing experience are more easily available, unlike in case of Japanese cars.

Regarding manufacturing, as far as I know, cars sold in Europe are made in Japan, while the ones for USA are manufactured in Illinois (?), with many different parts etc. That could make a difference...

But I guess you were just unlucky... try again and do not lose your trust so easily ;-)