Loyale Station Wagon 1.8

If you can buy this car for cheap, go for it; the parts are not inexpensive but it rarely needs them

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Loyale 4WD Wagon 1.8 liter

A little car that seems to love a workout!

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Loyale 1.8


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Loyale 1.8L

Anyone selling one call me so I can always have a backup

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Great car

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This car is going to be interesting

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Loyale 4WD Wagon 1.8

Dependable, reliable and... Loyal (e)

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Loyale 4WD 1.8L petrol

Not for those who feel the line drawn between driving and religion is "fuzzy."

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Loyale Station Wagon FWD 1.8L

Basic super reliable and efficient car

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Loyale 1.8 liter

Energizer Bunny - it keeps on going and going

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Loyale Base 1.8L

Another excellent piece of engineering and a good bargain if you can get a good one.

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Loyale FWD Wagon 1.8L

A very reliable car that provides basic transportation and utility.

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