Loyale 4WD 1.8

A fun to drive car with tons of "personality"

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If you find one, buy one

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Loyale Wagon 1.8L

Best Subaru's ever made!

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Loyale LX 1.8 N/A

If you can find a low mile one, it's one of the best cars you can get for any weather expected

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Loyale Wagon 1.8 4 cylinder

Great, cheap, reliable all weather, transportation

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Loyale n/a

Horrible, horrible, horrible!

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Loyale 2.3

I can't believe they stopped making them, it was an extremely reliable car

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Loyale 4wd

She was a great car to drive, but expensive to fix.

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Loyale 4wd wagon EA 82. 1.8L TBI

This car has lasted 275k abusive miles

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Loyale 1.8

Like the car, great 4wd, pricey to fix

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Loyale 1.8 Flat 4

A dirt-cheap tank

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Loyale 2WD 4 Door Sedan 1.4 Aluminium

A good, reliable, affordable, will never die, bargain!

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Loyale Flat Four

All in all, comfortable, if not pretty, and reliable transportation

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Loyale 1.8L H4, 90 hp

A comfortable, economical, and reliable, all-weather vehicle

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Loyale LX 1.8L

It is slow, but sturdy

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Loyale Sedan 1.8L

My Subaru is super

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