Outback LX 2.2L

I wish I could drive it forever!

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Outback Legacy 2.5 gas

Great to own a Subaru

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Outback Legacy 2.5L

Avoid the model years known for head gasket problems; otherwise a great car

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Outback 2.5 liter

A great car; I would buy a new one in a heartbeat

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Outback outback 2.2


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Outback 2.5L

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Outback Legacy

Goes through engines like water. A shame

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Outback legacy 2.2 liter

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Outback 2.2

A fun to drive and reliable car

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Outback subaru legacy outback 2.5i

This car keeps on going, a great value

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Outback 2.5

A thinking persons do everything car!

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