Outback 2.5L flat 4


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Outback Legacy 2.5


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Outback 2.5

Great all weather wagon that is almost unstoppable

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Outback 2.5L

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Outback 2.5L H4

This is a solid, practical car that is worth checking out

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Outback 2.5

Wasted my income tax check on this one

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Outback 2.5

Best car for the money. Period

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Doesn't live up to the reputation for reliability

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Outback Legacy Outback 2.5


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Outback Legacy Limited 2.5L

Read the Internet before you buy

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Outback 2.5 DOHC

The Sube isn't perfect, but it's a solid, well built car that's very capable

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Outback 2.5

Good car, but overheats

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Outback Legacy 2.5L

1998 Legacy Outback Wagon is junk

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Outback Limited 30th 2.5

I love my car. Can't go far, but still going

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Outback 2.2

Way too much money to maintain

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Outback 2.5

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Outback Limited 2.5

Excellent vehicle for safety, comfort, and economy

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Good AWD, bad reliability

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Outback 2.5

This car is junk

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Repairs are too expensive and too many serious issues

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Great, reliable car

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Outback Limited 2.5L

Wonderful, but may be unreliable

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Outback Limited 2.5 DOHC

Engine is disappointing, although everything else is great

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Outback base 2.5

Disappointing to have a serious engine trouble at 125K miles, dedicated routine maintenance performe

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Outback Limited 2.5L

Not sure I'll get another one-looking at the Honda Pilot

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Outback 2.5L

Nice car for 60,000 miles then watch out!

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Outback Limited Wagon 2.5

Subaru Legacy Outback Limited Edition is a great car

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Outback Limited 2.5 DOHC

The Subaru Outback Limited is one great car and should be seriously considered!

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Outback 2.5

Great wagon, very practical, rugged, and easy to maintain

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Great in snow, but essentially junk otherwise

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Outback 2.5 Liter

Reliable, but expensive to repair

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Outback 2.5

Not worth the headache

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Outback Limited 2.5L

I wish all cars were Subaru's

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Outback Limited Edition 4 cylinder

We love the car, but not the cost of repairs!

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It was a great car for a while, but at 128,000 it is going downhill

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It WAS a good car

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Outback 2.5

Stay away from Outbacks!

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Love it love it love it

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Outback 2.5

I would not recommed this car to anyone

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Outback 2.5L

A great car that projects a rugged/sporty look without being a gas-guzzling Sport Utility Vehicle

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Outback 2.5

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