SVX LS 3.3L H6

Fun to drive, but you need to find the right one. I didn't

144 words

SVX LS 3.3L H6

Fun to drive, when it drives

157 words

SVX LS-L AWD 3.3L flat 6

A quick car that is fun on the weekends, or when you're bored of your other car

121 words


Expensive piece of junk

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Rare and sexy sports/GT that you can drive 12 months a year

166 words


They should have stuck with this head-turning model, because it has amazing potential

27 words

SVX LSi 3.3L Flat 6

Find a good, clean example and drive it forever

214 words

SVX LS - L 3.3 Flat 6

Well rounded, yet highly aggressive

174 words

SVX LsL 3.3

An amazing piece of road art!

159 words

SVX LS 3.3 flat six

Stupifyingly underappreciated all-weather gran touring car

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SVX 3.3L flat six (opposed)

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