Esteem 1.6L

Economical little car that is big on the inside

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Esteem GL 1.6 litre 16v four cylinder

Just what a Japanese car should be - small, buzzy and fun to drive

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Esteem 4 cylinder.

This is has been a very reliable car for me

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Esteem GLX 1.8

Buy It

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Esteem GLX 1.6L V4 SOHC

Inexpensive yet reliable family car with no muscle

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Esteem GL Wagon 1.8L gasoline

It's a good car, as long as it doesn't go below freezing!

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Esteem 1.6

A cheap to get, cheap to use automobile

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Esteem DLX 1.8 DOHC

Ga$ saviour..

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Esteem GL 1.6L

Reliable economical car

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Esteem GL 1.6 gasoline

Great inexpensive car

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Esteem Base 1.6 litre

A 4 star car with 5 star potential

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Suzuki quality disappointing and terrible customer care and support

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Esteem 4 cyl

Good car, if don't like paying for car repairs

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