Esteem Wagon GLX+ 1.8

Decent wagon for a commuter/work car

397 words

Esteem GL 1.8L

Basic reliable transportation

108 words

Esteem 1.8

This car is wonderful!

169 words

Esteem 1.8

Great value for the money!

60 words

Esteem GL 1.6L

The best car I've had so far

122 words

Esteem GL 1.8

Excellent vehicle for you money

135 words

Esteem GL 1.8

A basic reliable import wagon

79 words, 2 comments

Esteem GL Wagon 1.8 L

Buyer Beware!

111 words, 16 comments

Esteem GLX Wagon 1.8

Better off going back to GM

173 words, 1 comment