2007 Suzuki Swift + 1.6 liter gas


A good car in general, but not a good dealer!


My throttle activator control system first acted up in May 2011. The car was taken to dealer, who stated he clean things up, and he would replace the above part if it happened again. The car would not go more than 20kph, or it would speed up very fast, which is definitely a safety issue.

December 8, 2011, the car acted up again, same problem. The dealer confirmed that it was the throttle activator system again, and it would cost me $883.00 plus labor and tax.

The dealer says I only have a power train warranty, therefore I'm not covered. He states that this part is not power train related.

I believe that this parts makes the car go, therefore it is a power train problem. I'm a very disappointed customer.

General Comments:

Since I have only 41 000 km on the car so far, I am disappointed that the dealer will not cover the fee of the part. I heard a lot of other customers had the very same problem issue as me, but instead of having a recall on this, they pretend it's normal.

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Review Date: 13th December, 2011