Verona EX 6 cylinder

Definitely not worth getting, and save yourself the hassle

219 words, 1 comment

Verona EX 2.5 inline 6

A likeable car, when it's working

990 words, 3 comments


Don't throw your money away!

40 words


It was a great car for the price

144 words

Verona EX straight 6

Great for long distance trips, not for the city

90 words

Verona EX


161 words

Verona LX 2.5 I-6

Good value if purchased. Parts may be hard other than at the dealership

114 words, 2 comments


First trouble free car owned

215 words, 1 comment

Verona S I-6 Gas

It's a good car for the money

288 words, 9 comments

Verona S (Base) 2.5 I6

Smooth and comfortable car

240 words