Celica GT 2.2L

Great little car

82 words

Celica ST 1.6L

Good car, easy to maintain. Power seems lacking on uphill driving

264 words

Celica ST 1.6 litre 4afe engine

Good/reliable starter car, but not at all a performance car

232 words

Celica GT

The Celica hatchback is amazing and will be greatly missed

10 words

Celica GT Convertible 2.2L

A fun and affordable sports car

139 words

Celica GT-s 2.2 4 cylinder

Best car I have ever owned

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Celica GT 2.2 DOHC 4 cylinder

Excellent fun to drive, affordable, economical sports coupe

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Celica GT Sport Coupe 2.2 5FSE

Another great toy from Toyota!

151 words, 2 comments

Celica ST 1.6

A sweet, sexy, sporty coupe with passenger features

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