1986 Toyota MR2 reviews from North America

MR2 1.6 4 cylinder

Great fun car to own and drive!

214 words

MR2 1.6

A once in a lifetime chance to own one

208 words

MR2 1.6

Sell it while it still runs

235 words, 2 comments

MR2 4A-GE 1.6 cc

Fantastic driver's car if you can find a good one

260 words, 1 comment

MR2 1.6

A Best Buy!

420 words, 1 comment

MR2 1.6 4aeg

An absolute dream to own

297 words, 2 comments

MR2 4 cylinder.

Nice joy ride

134 words


A great, fun car at a great price

160 words

MR2 Base 1.6 4AGE

A lovely car, a blast to drive, and inexpensive to obtain and maintain

940 words, 3 comments

MR2 1.6 Liter 16v Dual Overhead Cams

I love it!

294 words, 2 comments

MR2 1.6

Best money to performance ratio

281 words

MR2 Standard 1.6 L

Better than you imagined

131 words


Really fun but unreliable in my experience

183 words, 1 comment

MR2 1.6

Bulletproof and will last forever

81 words, 1 comment