Supra 2.5L 1jzgte

Average man's super car

159 words, 1 comment

Supra 3.0 7M-GE

134 words, 1 comment


Glad I bought it!

105 words

Supra Turbo 7M-GTE

100% Pure Japanese Muscle

824 words

Supra 3.0 7MGE

Fast, powerful, and the ladies love it

214 words

Supra Base

Might have been a good car in 87, but now it's just a junker

416 words, 2 comments

Supra Hatchback 3.0

Awesome except for head gasket

248 words, 1 comment

Supra 7m-ge

Amazing drift machine

215 words

Supra 3.0L Inline 6

Toyota's street legal race car!

436 words, 3 comments

Supra 3.0 In-Line 6

Very fun to drive, and very quick, great value!!!

454 words, 2 comments

Supra Turbo 7M-GTE

Tons of bang for your buck

41 words, 3 comments

Supra Non-Turbo Liftback 3.0 Liter I-6

So Far, So Great!

163 words

Supra 3.0 turbo

A high performance bargain

210 words

Supra Celica 3.0L

Best performance for the price!

81 words

Supra non turbo

Has turned me into a Supra maniac

128 words

Supra 7M GTE turbo

I will never sell this car

115 words

Supra 3.0 non turbo

A fun RWD 200hp car for $5000.00

234 words

Supra nn-Turbo 3.0 Inline 6

The best car I have ever owned!!!

117 words

Supra Non-Turbo 3.0 I6

Expensive-To-Maintain-Piece of JUNK

82 words, 3 comments

Supra Liftback 3.0 twin cam turbo

It's my favorite car yet!!!

71 words

Supra Stocked Non-turbo 3.0 liter V6 DOHC

This car is very awesome

66 words

Supra Turbo 3.0 twin cam turbo

Awesome bang for the buck!

110 words, 3 comments

Supra 3.0 non turbo

I love it!!!

71 words, 1 comment

Supra Turbo 3.0 turbo

Great car

70 words, 1 comment

Supra Turbo 3.0 turbo

This vehicle is the most comfortable sports car I have ever owned, it still handles excellently

62 words, 2 comments

Supra Turbo 3.0 L turbo

Would never buy anything else

163 words, 4 comments

Supra non turbo

254 words, 3 comments