1987 Toyota Supra non turbo from North America


Head gaskets, this is common. If you buy a Supra, make sure the head gasket was done properly the day you buy it. Otherwise you'll be doing the head gasket. I don't care if it was running nice, head gaskets blow here easily. When these cars were new they often got new engines because of the head gasket problems. They were also known to blow at 50 000KM new. The head gasket problem is terrible to fix. I did one and won't ever do one again. Dealer costs to do one is at least 25hrs=expensive+parts. Fix it properly, meaning don't just throw a new gasket in, machine the block and head. Put in an aftermarket head gasket. Do the valve seals while you're at it.

General Comments:

These cars blow head gaskets, otherwise they are good. Stay away from the turbo cars. They are even harder on the head gaskets. Remember they cost a fortune to fix the head gasket and there is no warranty on how long it will last. My friends only lasted 20 000KM and this cost him $2000 to fix. Toyotas are good cars, but sadly this is probably the worst car they ever built.

My Tercel will run till 2050 with regular oil changes and this car is a 1981. So don't be sour at Toyota, buy a used MR2, you'll find it better than a Supra. They are bullet proof, can't blow the head gasket and nothing goes wrong. Some advice here folks. Buy an MR2, you'll be much happier.

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Review Date: 24th January, 1999

11th Jan 2001, 10:50

I have a 1984 Toyota Supra.... and it is a great car. It comes with the 2.8 L DOHC straight 6. I too had to replace the head gasket, but only because my mechanic stripped the threads in the spark plug barrel. Because it was aluminum if you cross thread it you can mess it up. He gave me a new head for free and only charged me 450 to fix it. The new head is perfect and the car is bullet proof.

I have over 250,000 on my Toyota Supra and it runs stronger than ever. I cruises at 95 and 100 all day long and it's good on gas. Perhaps the older Supras are better. Overall people I know who have 87 or newer Supras love them...

Brian from California

6th Jul 2001, 02:43

I also have an earlier Supra - an 83 with more than 250,000 miles, and I don't know if it is possible to build a better, more reliable car than the 82 to 85s. However, that all ended in 1986 - six years of Supras with mush for suspension and engines designed to die. Give them a miss - people are right - the MR2 from 89 on is a way better car and fast fun too. No matter how much money you pour into an 86-92 Supra, it will always want more, as the 86 I owned SO BRIEFLY proved.

27th Nov 2011, 17:34

Your head was not installed correctly. If you took it to a dealer, they probably used the factory specs to tighten the head; those are wrong. If you tighten the head correctly, you can push up to 400hp without a problem, and last like a Yoda should.