Tacoma SR5 3.4 V6

Most reliable all around truck you can buy!

207 words, 3 comments

Tacoma SR5 3.4L V6

Great truck, small enough for a city, big enough for the mountains

237 words

Tacoma 2.7

Like a Tercel with 4WD -- and as a Tercel lover, I consider that high praise

158 words, 1 comment

Tacoma LX 3.4 6 cylinder

Fantastic 4wd small Japanese truck

130 words

Tacoma SR5 V6


50 words

Tacoma LX 2.4

A great, reliable truck!

54 words

Tacoma LX 3.4L

Truck is excellent quality and worth the extra money up front

135 words

Tacoma 2WD 2.7 4 cylinder

A workhorse of a truck that will run forever

138 words, 19 comments

Tacoma LX V6 3.4 Liter DOHC

Other than the wimpy baby blue color, this truck is tops!!

87 words, 1 comment

Tacoma LX 2.3

Best available pick-up

73 words

Tacoma SR5 2.7 I-4

A high expense, nice pickup

90 words

Tacoma LX V6

Old Reliable

112 words

Tacoma SX 2.7

I would recommend them to anyone looking for a tough, dependable truck

118 words

Tacoma LX 2.3

Toyota's are the best - would never go back!

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