Tacoma SR5 TRD 4WD 2.7 petrol

Everything needed in a light-duty 4x4. Economical and versatile.

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Tacoma 4 cylinder (small)

Best truck in the small truck line

99 words

Tacoma 2 Door Single Cab 2.4L


99 words

Tacoma Base

Overall the truck is wonderful, and would take anything for it

18 words

Tacoma TRD 4x4 xcab 3.4L

This truck is relentless!

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Tacoma SR5 Prerunner 3.4 V6

Tough and loyal. You'll love it like your dog

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Tacoma 4x4 exd cab V6

Tonka Truck

121 words

Tacoma SR5 V6 Ext Cab 4x4 3.4L

A reliable truck with excellent performance-The Best

156 words, 4 comments

Tacoma ext. cab 4X4 3.4 V6

A high performance go any where truck

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Tacoma TRD 2.7 liter

Great truck, but loosened up a little to quickly

81 words

Tacoma pre`runner 2.7

Over all very pleased

80 words

Tacoma SR-5 2.4 L

A nice small truck

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