Fox GL

Car baby. Never left me stranded. Love the car

52 words

Fox GL 1.8 gas

A love child of Brazil and Germany

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Fox Base? 1.8 litre, 83 hp, 94 lb-ft

You love it, it loves you

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Too bad they don't make 'em like this anymore

55 words

Fox GL 1.8

Fuel efficient, reliable and fun

395 words

Fox GL Wagon 1.8 Liter 81hp

This car's a little trooper

151 words

Fox GL 1.8L

Last of the indestructible German cars

280 words

Fox GL Sedan 1.8L 4 cylinder.

Energetic, yet reliable, cheap to run car

290 words

Fox 2 door 1.8L

Loved every minute of it

210 words

Fox GL 4-door 1.8L 4 cylinder

The most reliable car I've ever owned.

296 words

Fox 2dr coupe 1.8L

Great car, good on gas, reliable

261 words

Fox GL wagon 1.8L

More fun than a Camry of the same vintage, but without the reliability

332 words

Fox GL Sport 1.8

Best mileage and dependability of any car I've owned

152 words

Fox 1.8 litre SOHC

A great car for the money

165 words

Fox GL 1.8

Great reliable car

66 words

Fox GL 1.8L

What a ride!

139 words

Fox GL 1.8L

One of the best engineered and built autombiles!

99 words

Fox GLS 1.8 Litre 5-speed

Fun, and economical

210 words

Fox GL Wagon 1.8L

Cute, energetic and reliable, the Volkswagen Fox is best for singles or moms on a budget

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Fox GL 1.8 gas

Probably one of the best economy cars ever built

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This is a hunk of junk with no aftermarket for parts

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Fox GL Sport 1.8 Liter 5 speed


264 words

Fox GL 1.8

The best car I have ever owned

133 words

Fox GL 1.8L

One of the best economy cars on the road

24 words

Fox GL 1.8 Liter

It's a tin- can with wheels that drains the wallet

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Fox 4 door 1.8L

A cheap and fun car

131 words

Fox GL 1.8

It is not fancy, but it works

98 words

Fox GL 1.8 80hp

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