1988 Volkswagen Fox GL from North America


Car baby. Never left me stranded. Love the car


Several things in 26 years.

Recently had the clutch replaced.

Rear hatchback shocks need replacing about every 7 years; have about 5 years left on the current shocks.

General Comments:

Love it. Recently got collectors plates on it in Wisconsin after shipping it from California in 2010, where it was purchased new in 1989.

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Review Date: 30th September, 2014

1988 Volkswagen Fox GL 1.8 gas from North America


A love child of Brazil and Germany


Rear shock failure.

Interior door lock buttons broke off.

1st gear difficult to engage when hot.

Reverse gear grinds once in a while.

Seat belts do not retract properly anymore.

General Comments:

Overall, this is a good cheap and cheerful car! These days the Fox is quite rare, and its boxy shape is impossible to get new!

It flies on the highway, the motor is smooth, but wind noise is a constant companion at any speed over 90 kph...

Fuel economy is alright on the highway at 8L/100 km, but the Fox turns into a pig in the city, gulping almost 12L/100 km, if you try to keep up with modern traffic from the stop lights.

The seats seem to have metal bars in them for lumbar support, and cause back pain after 15 minutes of driving. Taking this car on a road trip will mean buying seat cushions for sure.

Performance wise, it's good, and its 2 stage throttle body is fun to explore... although the fuel economy will plummet as the revs rise/

motor gets LOUD after 4000 rpm, so its 6500 rpm red line is unrealistic, since the noise will kill you.

It corners well in normal driving, even when pushed a bit. However, hitting potholes is a very loud affair in the Fox, which detracts from the good build quality of this car.

The Fox is a good little car. Not really great at anything, but it seems to try hard, and has been very very reliable. Definitely happier on the highway, if you can stand the wind noise ;-)

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Review Date: 5th November, 2011

3rd Aug 2012, 23:27

Original poster.

So, 20 000 km later, and this Fox is running better than when I got it. Timing was off, so making that right made the car quicker and better on fuel.

I don't notice the wind noise as much any more, probably mainly because I've gotten used to it.

But I like it more now than when I got it for sure. Oh, and I also installed seats from an Audi 4000 GT. Way better now :)

1988 Volkswagen Fox Base? 1.8 litre, 83 hp, 94 lb-ft from North America


You love it, it loves you


Front driver side wheel bearing: shattered (due to my own fault, too heavy rims with wheels cambered).

Heater hose popped.

Water leak in the trunk (backseat got people's butts wet).

Hood prop rides the alternator at times (no clip to hold it).

Car stalls making left turns at times (usually when low on gas).

Stop and go traffic is this car's worst enemy LOL; maybe a bad return?

Car randomly has trouble starting on rainy days or when parked on wet grass.

Passenger side and rear headrests coming undone at the seams.

Moisture on the inside of windows at times, can't seem to find the exact location of the bad weather stripping.

General Comments:

This car is overall a solid 8 in my book, only because of how frequent I was having problems at one point, but after I fixed these issues, it hasn't given me grief ever since.

The interior is Ford-like with switches and handles falling off or breaking, but the electric and engine parts are SOLID; oil change, spark plug, and bulb replacement was all I needed to overcome anything wrong in these areas.

I can tell this car was driven hard, but based on performance, it was made to handle punishment. I haven't even taken it all the way to the rev limiter, and I say that I feel confident in doing so, so if you want a car that will take a beating and still love you, this is it.

Of course, space is an issue, but it's a compact car! What, you want a Lincoln sized interior? Well then buy a Lincoln! Haha, but seriously, I could fit a couple bodies in the trunk of this car, easy.

So in conclusion, this car should be part of your life in some way. It hasn't been trouble free (what car is at this age?), but considering its age and mileage, this is a great investment. Just make sure you have some extra money put away for surprises!

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Review Date: 26th January, 2011

27th Jan 2011, 11:19

You're wrong about the Ford-like. If it was Ford-like, it would be reliable. Something one can't say about a VAG product.

28th Jan 2011, 00:26

I'm sure the reviewer meant US Ford, not European Ford. Biiig difference.

31st Jan 2011, 07:41

Every VW product I have ever owned had problems with broken switches and interior parts like handles, etc. So problems like that are VW-like, NOT Ford-like, and yes I do mean US Ford, not European Ford.

6th Dec 2011, 16:16

Ford was the first to go bankrupt, so that says everything. Found On Road Dead, Fix Or Repair Daily. 'nuff said.

27th Apr 2015, 03:31

Tired acronyms prove nothing.