1988 Volkswagen Fox from North America


Too bad they don't make 'em like this anymore


Cheap, reliable, fun, no-frills car. If VW still made them, I'd buy another in a minute.

General Comments:

Reverse is a bit weird to find, driving a zippy little 4-speed takes a little getting used to, and the back seat is dreadfully uncomfortable.

Aside from that, this car has everything a non-fussy person like me could want.

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Review Date: 25th November, 2010

1988 Volkswagen Fox GL 1.8 from North America


Fuel efficient, reliable and fun


First off, let me say that pretty much EVERYTHING that I fixed on the car was wrong with it THE DAY I BOUGHT IT.

As such, I paid a mere $400 CDN for a completely rust-free example.

Things I replaced:

Rear shocks.

Leaky brake distributor (ridiculously rare part, as it was only on the '87-'90 Fox wagons).

A bolt holding the alternator on was bent or backed out or something (can't remember); was an easy roadside temporary fix, then replaced the bolt and all was great... few bucks.

While I owned it:

Voltage regulator went out, so the alternator fed more volts than it was supposed to, so it blew my headlights... a new voltage regulator was like 20 bucks and a very easy fix.

It had a broken driver's side outer door handle (VWs are notorious for that) that I swore I'd replace and never got around to it.

General Comments:

This car was awesome... after owning two Fox coupes ('87 and '88), I REALLY wanted a wagon, so I went searching for months, 'till I found this diamond in the rough. After replacing the shocks and the brake distributor I just drove it. And drove it a LOT. My girlfriend and I lived 600 miles apart, and saw each other pretty much every weekend. I also drove it on countless roadtrips, etc.

After I sold it I found out that, though the odometer said around 230,000 km when I bought it, it had been rolled back and the real mileage was around 350,000.

Despite this, it ran like a charm and never needed anything other than routine maintenance. I also got decent gas mileage, averaging around 8L/100km on the highway and a little more in the city. It was comfortable to drive, it easily hauled all my stuff when I moved, and the back was big enough for me to sleep in or toss my mountain bike into.

It was reliable enough that, though it was nearly 20 years old with lots of kms on the clock, and I never thought twice about driving it 2,000 km in one weekend, and it never let me down.

I sold it to buy a 4x4 more suited to the Northern Canadian climate I had moved to, and have missed it ever since... and bought a Jetta GTX recently... old VWs are hard to beat ;)

- LowriderS10.

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Review Date: 11th July, 2009

1988 Volkswagen Fox GL Wagon 1.8 Liter 81hp from North America


This car's a little trooper


I got this car for free basically. It was a "Here's the problem, the keys and title are in the glove-box" scenario. It needed a clutch cable just to get it operable. I've had the car for 2 years and put 36,000 miles on it since then.

I had to replace the half-shafts at 176,000 miles, and replaced a defective shaft at 205,000 miles.

The bushings for the shifter wore out (even fell out) at 204,000 miles.

General Comments:

This car has had its ups and downs, but overall, it's been a good little commuter.

It's sufficiently quick for commuting purposes, but I wouldn't make a race car out of it.

The seats are a little on the hard side.

The fuel mileage is reasonable (I'm getting about 29mpg out of mine)

Parts for any Volkswagen (this is my 4th) can be a little pricey compared to a domestic or an asian import.

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Review Date: 19th January, 2009