Jetta GL 1.8 SOHC

A fun, reliable, and economical car that keeps growing on me

164 words

Jetta Carat

Absolutely incredible!

54 words

Jetta Carat

Served us well, and is fondly remembered

252 words

Jetta GL 1.8

Solid car, lots of character, but keep up on maintenance!

274 words

Jetta GL 1.8L

Took a licking and kept on ticking

140 words

Jetta N/A 1.8 Gas

A good quality, nice car to drive

205 words

Jetta Wolfsburg 1.8

So much fun to drive

209 words

Jetta GL Wolfsburg Edition

A reliable, Fun, Unique, and rewarding car to have for people who commute from point A to point B

159 words

Jetta GL 1.8L

I think the more recent Jettas are better

73 words, 2 comments


Textbook Volkswagen: flimsy, but fantastic

264 words

Jetta GL 1.6 turbo diesel

I love you Jetta!

81 words

Jetta GL 2.0L gasoline 4-cylinder 5-speed

German Subcompact at its Finest

199 words, 1 comment

Jetta Flair 1.8

Good handling and performance, but poor quality disappoints

240 words

Jetta GL 1.6

An outstanding investment value for your MONEY!

162 words, 1 comment

Jetta GL Wolfsburg 1.8L

Reliable, but has a few annoying problems

164 words

Jetta GT Coupe 1.8L 8v

A economical fun and peppy car

132 words

Jetta GL 1.8 gasoline

Only buy one if you LOVE VW

206 words, 1 comment

Jetta GL 1.8 litre 8v gasoline

Mexican-made German wonder just won't die!

217 words

Jetta Carat 1.8L 4 cylinder

Great car, cheap on gas

142 words, 1 comment

Jetta GL 1.8L

Great, low maintenance commuter car

163 words

Jetta GLi 1.8 litre 16v 4 cylinder

A somewhat expensive car, with nice seats and some punch

186 words, 1 comment

Jetta GLi 1.8L 16v

A speedy commuter car

105 words

Jetta Flair 2.0L

Wouldn't give it to my worst enemy

128 words, 5 comments

Jetta 1.8 litre

An absolute waste of money and an embarrassment to own

132 words, 4 comments