1994 Volkswagen Jetta GLS 2.0 4 cylinder


I love this car! VW's for life


Rear left window motor died. It would slide down a little sometimes but I could push it back up with my hands. I could expect to have to do that every couple days. No biggie, it was already dead when I got it and I knew that so I was OK with it.

The trunk didn't open with the key. I had to use the button in the glove compartment, but sometimes took 3-4 pushes until it unlatched. Coolant reservoir leaks like no other. Starter died at 190,000 miles.

Some minor rust on the back under the plate slot in the trunk (which is probably to be expected from a car that is 14 years old).

The thing that did me in though was the head gasket blew on me the other day at 201,000. That about spells the end for me as I am not interested in putting $1,000+ dollars into this car. It would cost more than the value of the car to fix it.

General Comments:

I love this car. It handles like a dream like I expect from a German built car. For a 4 cylinder this thing goes (5 speed of course). I loved eating "tricked out" Honda Civics.

The inside of the car is beyond comfortable. Of course some of the electrical stuff went bad, which apparently is an issue with many Volkswagens. They may not know much about electricity, but they sure know how to build an engine. It starts up like it's brand new every time.

I changed the oil religiously and never had a leak.

I can deal with some of the minor stuff going wrong if the engine is strong, which it was. I'm definitely going to buy a VW again.

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Review Date: 8th August, 2008

1994 Volkswagen Jetta GL 2.0L 4 cylinder 115 HP


Good looking, average performance, average reliability


- Broken handbrake cable ($20.00)

- Broken caliper ($120.00)

- Body rust - half a foot by half a foot - square which needed a welded patch ($30.00)

- Stupid horn needed replacing ($25.00)

- Speedometer works 65% of the time

- Transmission feels like it's kicking when it changes from 1st to second 2nd gear.

- The power in second gear is extremely weak compared to first.

General Comments:

Absolutely excellent interior; after vacuuming it looks like it just came out of the assembly line.

The handling is very good as well; you don't feel a strong jerk when cutting corners at fast speeds like you would in a Hyundai I used to own.

All the above problems are the repairs I needed when I first bought the car for $400 from an old woman. I didn't think anything major needed replacing, and when I reflect back, NOTHING major NEEDS replacing, thank God. Everything works fine, and I've test driven it for a 1000km as hard as I can just to make sure.

After purchasing it, I've had a transmission flush (the old liquid was black!!!) or else it would have burned within a few months. I could bet money on that, but since I've done so, it shifts smoother, but still has a slight kick from first to second; not as bad as before of course.

I plan on changing the oil every 3-4k km just to make sure the engine will last me quite a while. I'll probably flush the coolant system so it doesn't overheat or anything in the summer.

But overall, it seems like a fun car to drive. I'm gonna invest a couple extra bucks on my next oil change to flush the brake system, coolant system, and a couple other things just to make sure it's ready for the summer.

I'm not quite sure if I'd buy another one; people don't seem too happy with the newer Jettas coming out in the last couple of years; they're known for safety, not for reliability :p

Wish me luck with mine people!!! :D

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Review Date: 31st May, 2008

9th Jan 2010, 12:55

Just a follow up with my car.. I sold it after 1 year of ownership since there were some serious engine problems going on with the car, among other things. It felt like it was "bogging" out (i.e. loss of half its power) all of the time when driving. I replaced the MAF sensor twis and the distributor to no avail. Even mechanics don't know how to fix these cars. Check engine light was on non stop for the last 6 months of its pathetic life. Needed to change random exterior bulbs almost every week. All power options shorted out. Never started on the first try. Never buy a VW unless you're rich and stupid. Take care.