1994 Volkswagen Jetta GL


The worst car out there


And to think I wanted this car so badly.

The door locks are broken, including the trunk.

Dash rattles.

The Check Engine light came on and remains on, causing the car to go no faster than 35 miles per hour.

It is rusting.

The electrical system is fried.

The car is currently dead in my driveway for the second time in 2 weeks.

So much more I can't even keep going.

General Comments:

I wanted this car so badly.

They are easy on the eyes and handle so well. However, I am quite certain that I can find another car that compares.

The cost of repairs is insane, and the repairs are needed often.

Parts are hard to find and usually twice the cost of parts for other cars in the same class.

The dealers are rude, unhelpful and think these cars are great.

The cars are junk and anyone that needs to rely on their car for anything more than to drive to your next door neighbors house should consider another car.

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Review Date: 8th May, 2001

15th Oct 2001, 13:10

I came close to possibly being in the same situation. I wanted a Jetta (1994 or newer) probably just as much. Fortunately, I was patient... I did my homework. There seems to be many Jettas and Golfs for sale. However, they seem to sell very quickly. My advice is... WAIT. Do not pounce on the first or second one that comes along. Do some comparisons of several in various conditions. You'll get an idea of the difference between what is a normal rattle or squeak and what is simply poor quality or something that is hiding a potentially more serious problem.

After looking at several versions of the Jetta, I finally got hold of beautiful 1994 GL, with A/C/T; Alloy wheels; heated seats; CD. Granted, the color wasn't my first choice (I got white), but I'd take a conservative white one in excellent condition for a bit more money over a hot looking Red or Black one with endless problems.

Bottom line: Don't rush. Be patient. You'll guarantee yourself years of trouble free driving.

15th Oct 2002, 14:06

Hey. I purchases a 1994 Volkswagen Jetta III. To tell you the truth, the car is in amazing condition. I took it too many mechanics and under body specialists before I bought it. So far so good. It has 99k on it and is just about to get broken in. The car was a deal for only 4800. I love it and always wanted it. Any used car comes with work, but it also needs care. So, in this situation. I would tell anyone to invest in one. No car lasts forever and you can't guarantee that it will.

2nd Jul 2004, 06:15

I have a 1994 JETTA 3 CLI and I can say that it is own of the best cars out there.

I have done 270 000km with no problems thus far and I race with the car now and then and it never let me down yet.

The car was customized by myself and I will keep it for my son to enjoy one day.

A car is as great as the way the owner looks after it.

24th Feb 2005, 19:17

I have one too. VW does not make good small engines. So far one wiper motor, drivers power window, interior fan and sun roof motor all went. The replacements are very costly and weigh more than a brick. Very little engineering in this respect.

The engine light comes on and off and the dealer told me to spent $600 2 years ago to fix it. I didn't and nothing happened.

I didn't pay a lot so I'm satisified with it. If I bought new I'd buy Toyota or Honda. Volkswagon can't touch them in quality.

17th May 2009, 01:10

I'm buying this car sometime next week from someone who maintained it.. I swear if I have these kinda problems I just might hang myself...

1994 Volkswagen Jetta III GL 2.0


A high-mileage go-getter


The stereo speakers cut in and out occasionally.

The only other thing beyond normal mileage replacements that this car has needed is an air conditioning switch (doesn't work on the lowest fan speed but does on all the others). I chose not to get this fixed.

General Comments:

I think for a car with this many miles on it, it has been great. It has never left me stranded.

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Review Date: 16th July, 2000

1994 Volkswagen Jetta 3 GL 2.0 4 cyl


Just a great reliable fun car to drive


I have only had problems with the alignment, probably due to my brother not securing the emegency brake and letting the car run over some boulders. The condenser on the AC went out and that was costly. Besides those two, this car has been a serious joy to own.

General Comments:

I LOVE this car. It's quick, sporty, and very responsive. I would get 35 mpg on the freeway and about 29 to 30 around the city. The cool thing is, it's also very quick for a 130 hp engine.

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Review Date: 27th June, 2000

20th Jun 2008, 21:50

I'm sorry buddy, but it's actually 115 hp.

2nd Oct 2015, 12:04

It's actually 116 BHP as standard.