Jetta K2 2.0

One of the best cars I've ever bought

199 words

Jetta Wolfsburg Edition 2.0L 4 cylinder gasoline

All around good car

107 words

Jetta GL 2.0

An electrical disaster!

80 words

Jetta K2 2.0

Comfort and great handling, what's better than that?

103 words

Jetta GT 2.0 gas


169 words, 2 comments

Jetta GT 2.0

My kids love their Volkswagens; I hate em because I have to fix em

376 words

Jetta GLX VR6

FAST, but expensive!

221 words

Jetta GL Wolfsburg 2.0

Excellent long lasting, long running car

191 words, 1 comment

Jetta GL 2.0 4 cylinder

1998 = Most Reliable Jetta Ever. Better than the newer models!

119 words


101 words

Jetta GLS 2.0

Good if you have the money to fix it!

84 words

Jetta GLS 2.0

Great, reliable car!

42 words

Jetta GT 2.0

This car doesn't deserve my opinion!

164 words

Jetta GLS 2.0

I love it

135 words


35 words, 1 comment

Jetta Wolfsburg 2.0

Bottomless money pit

61 words

Jetta Wolfsburg Edition

Jet-TA I love it, but I must have bad karma

273 words

Jetta GTX 6 Cylinder

Nice engine and stereo. Nothing else was good, unless you like spending almost $8,000

250 words

Jetta GL 2.0 Gasoline

Overall, not a classic, but fun to drive, practical and spacious, and I hate to see it go

422 words, 1 comment

Jetta GL 1.9 TDI

Cons outweigh the Pros, too bad

112 words

Jetta GXE

I would not buy another VW!

40 words

Jetta LX Gas 4 cylinder

Great little car !

37 words

Jetta GLS 2.0

A quick, spacious, and durable little car

106 words

Jetta Wolfsburg 2.0

Expensive nightmare

120 words, 2 comments

Jetta TDI 1.9

An amazing all around car

432 words, 2 comments

Jetta TDI

Very cheap car to maintain

105 words

Jetta K2 Edition 2.0 gas

Great piece of German Engineering

762 words, 3 comments

Jetta GL 2.0 gas

I love this car and look forward to spending time in it every day

145 words, 2 comments

Jetta K2 Gas 2.0

Great Ride, Bad Wiring

74 words

Jetta Wolfsburg

VW service is terrible

54 words

Jetta 1.9 turbo diesel

Awesome, bulletproof, low cost transportation

142 words

Jetta GT 2.0 Liter

Fun to drive, but an expensive headache

86 words

Jetta K2 2.0L

Fun reliable excellent German car to drive!!!

60 words

Jetta GLS 2.0 Gasoline

I love my Jetta, but wish there weren't so many problems

159 words

Jetta GT 2.0

Good car, but at the price for parts you may as well drive a BMW

55 words, 2 comments

Jetta GLX

I got lucky!

99 words, 2 comments

Jetta Wolfsburg 2.0L

Nice to drive, but EXPENSIVE and undue repairs required to keep up

225 words, 2 comments

Jetta GL 4 cylinder

Ultimate chick car

59 words

Jetta k2 gas

Piece of garbage!

90 words

Jetta GLX 2.8L VR6

I love it

217 words

Jetta GL TDI 1.9L turbo diesel

Excellent car for the money

73 words, 1 comment

Jetta GLX 2.8L V6

Love the ride, expensive however

110 words

Jetta GT 2.0L

I love my gas pig!

185 words, 1 comment

Jetta GLS

Needs to be recalled

134 words, 3 comments

Jetta GLS 2.0

This car makes me want to die, slowly

151 words

Jetta GLS 2.0 gas

I like the inspiration behind the car, but it's been really poorly executed and assembled

159 words, 3 comments

Jetta GT 2.0 Gas

It is a classy, affordable, well built, fun driving car

204 words, 2 comments

Jetta GL

Smooth ride with some initial headaches

85 words

Jetta GT 2.0

The most reliable car I have owned

204 words, 2 comments

Jetta GLS 4.0

My very own lemon

121 words, 3 comments

Jetta GL 2.0 Liter

A car fit to be set on fire and rolled off a cliff

187 words

Jetta GT 4 cylinder

High Maintenance Piece of Junk

116 words

Jetta GLS 1.9L

Lots of maintenance, okay buy

247 words, 3 comments

Jetta Wolfsburg Edition 2.0 4 Cylinder

Awesome car, close to perfection

67 words, 1 comment

Jetta TDI turbo diesel

A practical, fun, comfortable car

63 words

Jetta TDI turbo diesel

Adopt one of your own today

125 words, 9 comments

Jetta Wolfsburg

I really bad migraine

182 words, 3 comments

Jetta GL 2.0

Not bad, but pricey for what you get.

178 words

Jetta GT 2.0

306 words

Jetta GT 2.0

This car is a mechanical mess, that drives well

259 words, 31 comments


Decent, but what's next to break?

100 words

Jetta GLX VR6

High performance. Electrical nightmare!

189 words

Jetta GLX V6

A Fast Black Lemon

499 words, 14 comments

Jetta wolfsburg 1.8

A lemon with four wheels

100 words

Jetta Wolfsburg 2.0

214 words, 2 comments

Jetta GL 2.0 4 cylinder

Ask me when I reach 300,000 miles!!

252 words

Jetta GLS 1.8L

A great price for performance of the car

86 words

Jetta GLS 2.0L

A good car ruined by awful service and support

214 words, 1 comment

Jetta Wolfsburg 1.8

A high priced maintainance disaster

147 words, 1 comment

Jetta GLS 1.9L

Very functional comfortable, well priced sedan

225 words

Jetta GLX 2.8L VR6

Great handling, below average reliability, and above average maintenance costs.

326 words

Jetta K2

A wonder buy for my money

42 words

Jetta wolfsburg

VW JETTA an expensive

107 words, 3 comments

Jetta VR6

Frustrating first buy

196 words

Jetta Wolfsburg


168 words, 2 comments

Jetta GL

My next call will be a Toyota - I am done with VW

53 words

Jetta wolfsburg 121 cid engine

1999 Jetta Windows are JUNK!!

251 words, 10 comments

Jetta GT 2.0 Liter 4

Performance and refinement galore for a small price

207 words, 1 comment

Jetta GLS 2.0

I'm buying a Jeep

104 words, 2 comments

Jetta Wolfsburg 2.0

Best wanna-be luxury car on the market!

172 words, 1 comment

Jetta LX 2.1

I hate this car

145 words, 14 comments

Jetta GLX 2.8 12v VR6

Comfort, performance and reliability

102 words

Jetta GLX

A sorry disappointment!!

218 words, 17 comments

Jetta GLX VR6

A great sports sedan with high maintenance costs

79 words

Jetta GLS 2.0 Liter

A must buy!

59 words

Jetta GT 2.0 L 4 cylinder

A double edged sword: a fun and versatile car, but a budget buster

409 words, 17 comments

Jetta TDI 1.9 turbo diesel

45 words

Jetta TDI 1.9 turbo diesel

57 words, 3 comments