1998 Volkswagen Jetta GLS 1.9L from North America


Very functional comfortable, well priced sedan


Very little has gone wrong on this car, I replaced a burned out headlamp at 50,000 miles. The starter went out at 60,000 miles, that cost about 300$.

General Comments:

I have found the 1998 Jetta GLS to be a very reliable car. I had the brakes redone at about 50,000 miles from wear. I replaced the rear lamp display because the taillight cover was broken and moisture got into it. (my fault). I did have the starter replaced, but I don't expect that will be a problem again for several thousand miles. I am about to trade in my 5 year old Jetta for a 2003 Jetta TDI. I have heard of very few stories of Jettas being stolen or broken into, and have had no problems with the engine. Even this base model has a decent amount of power.

Some of the things that are a bit annoying about this model is, that there is no intermittent wiper setting. There was no option of adjustable power seats, and there was no front cup holder (important for myself).

I have used this car for everything! I hauled a water heater on top of it. With it's large trunk space and fold down back seats it's a very functional sedan. I am never afraid to get this thing a little dirty, Also the seat warmers are fabulous.

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Review Date: 9th May, 2003

1998 Volkswagen Jetta GLX 2.8L VR6 from North America


Great handling, below average reliability, and above average maintenance costs.


10 miles - Front mud guard fell off while driving the car home for the first time. Warranty repair.

35,000 miles - Coolant leak in piping. $650 repair around Christmas time. Common problem for VR6 engines.

55,000 miles - Emergency break cable under car broke causing premature wear in rear brake pads. $200 repair.

65,000 miles - ABS warning light on. Error code says "ABS pump signal out of range". $400 repair estimate. Still deciding what to do. Common problem with Jetta III models.

Yearly - Engine misfires at startup after rain storms. This only happens once or twice a year and the misfires stop happening after the car has warmed up for 15 minutes. The car is drivable when this happens. This has been a common problem with VWs and Audi's for over ten years. The spark plug wires are to blame. They travel deep into the engine block to get to the spark plugs and easily collect moisture. When the engine warms up, the moisture evaporates and you have all six cylinders working for you again instead of four.

General Comments:

The car is a blast to drive. It feels like a more expensive German sports car. You always know what the wheels are doing. Plenty of feedback from the suspension and the steering wheel. No guess work with this car. Point and shoot. The car comes with over sized brakes too!

Routine maintenance is not cheap on VWs especially if you opt for the VR6 engine. Oil filters alone can cost between $15 and $25 dollars and quick lube places do not carry them. Even the coolant is special which forces you to either have your car serviced at the dealer or by a German repair shop.

If you like the way VWs handle, but are a little worried about their reliability, I would highly recommend getting an extended warranty or mechanical breakdown coverage from a third party insurance company if you make a purchase.

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Review Date: 8th May, 2003

1998 Volkswagen Jetta K2 from North America


A wonder buy for my money

General Comments:

I love my 98' Jetta K2 It is a great car. Nothing has gone wrong with it at all! My husband has a 94 Jette and it is still running strong! VW makes great cars and I will definitely buy another VW!

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Review Date: 29th April, 2003

1998 Volkswagen Jetta wolfsburg from North America


VW JETTA an expensive


-Air conditioning compressor replaced two times!

-All four windows regulators and motors replaced two times!

-Signals electrical rewired twice!

-Molding on doors replaced three times, two times were before 24,000miles.

-Glove box replaced before 24,000miles!

-CD player replaced once 15,000 miles!

-Rear Brakes and Rotors replaced 49,000miles!

-Struts replaced 49,000miles!

-Sun roof is breaking currently!

General Comments:

I have had nothing, but problems with my 98 VW Jetta since purchase.

I wish I would have taken consideration to a lemon law before it was too late.

Dealerships hands are tied by VW of America and VWOA will not help in the least.

Definitely would never purchase another VW. BEWARE!

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Review Date: 16th April, 2003

27th Apr 2005, 16:39

Between the crummy workmanship and awful support (not to mention paying over $700 in "scheduled maintenance" in one shot, I will NEVER buy another VW. I feel your pain!

7th Sep 2005, 12:16

I also feel you pain. My window regulators and motors? All 4 replace 4 times, one replaced 5 times! VWOA paid the first several even after warranty, but after a class action suit about the windows was filed that didn't include 1998 Jettas, they started refusing to pay. They said all the times before were a measure of "good will." I asked, "So, there no more good will left?" A simple "No" was their reply. I don't even want to talk about how long I waited for a replacement radio. (Hint: not as long as a year, but very, very close)

1st Nov 2012, 11:30

I have manual windows, and hearing what you all said, I'm glad that I do! I have had my car for 8 years in Florida, and have only had minor repairs to it, but now we moved to Ohio and it is running like crap... the gauges went nuts, the oil light came on, and the alarm was going off... Any ideas?

I have reviewed the other comments about the plug wires, and we have had a lot of rain with Hurricane Sandy coming through, so not sure...