1998 Volkswagen Jetta LX 2.1 from North America


I hate this car


You name it!

The check engine light came on after I owned it for only a couple weeks. After many return visits to the dealer to correct it, I just gave up. The light finally burned out after 2 years.

In rain and snow, the car sometimes refuses to go above 25 MPH. The dealer told me "it was a thinking car" and the computer just needed to be reset (at a cost of $60 each time).

I cannot turn my A/C on above "2" or the car sounds like a helicopter.

I have had several miscellaneous problems with the ignition system.

The alarm system has gone haywire at least twice.

The molding is falling off the doors.

The list goes on and on and on...

General Comments:

This car has been a big disappointment. I will never buy another Volkswagen for as long as I live.

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Review Date: 13th September, 2001

8th Jan 2003, 19:43

As a VW Passat owner, I can see it has a lot it common with the Jetta. They are both terrible cars. After my experience with Volkswagen I will never buy one again. If anything goes wrong, you'd better get your check book out.

8th May 2003, 21:47

I have a 1997 Volkswagen Jetta GT automatic and I have no problems like the normal maintenance and I love this car, it now has 80,000 miles on it and it can go forever, no trans problems check engine lights or anything has gone wrong and runs great, but really it depends on when the car was actually made. I am not planning on getting rid of mine any time soon.

1998 Volkswagen Jetta GLX 2.8 12v VR6 from North America


Comfort, performance and reliability


26k - spark coil cracked - Dealer replaced for free, no questions asked. Even though it was out of the warranty.

General Comments:

Great handling (it's a VW!)

Mid-range response is excellent.

Comfortable interior. Only complaints are VW's use of a wheel to raise or lower the seat backs, and a poorly placed cup holder that can't handle much more than a 12oz can.

Stereo sounds great. I replaced the head unit with an aftermarket one and found no reason to replace the factory speakers even though the power to them was increased.

The trunk is huge.

Stock tires are terrible in the wet/snow.

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Review Date: 6th August, 2001

1998 Volkswagen Jetta GLX from North America


A sorry disappointment!!


Everything cosmetic is going wrong with this car. My moulding is falling off all over, three pieces so far and the fourth is loose. Volks. America says "we'll pay 50% to repair it". That's a crock! I paid good money for this car and the dealer and the manufacturer will fix a design problem with a 3 year old car.

Spring for the clutch fell off too, bad light on a dashboard sent me flying to the dealer since it was the "check engine light"... this was at 4,000 miles!

Fuse box is dropping out.

I like driving my car... you know drivers wanted and all, but I will never buy another Volkswagen product. And shoot, I was going to look at a Passat.

General Comments:

I will never buy another Volkswagen. I had a Ford Thunderbird for 10 years.. not a lick of a problem. After 8 years, the Ford dealer repainted the pillars because they had begun to peel and flake.

Volks is really poor on service after the sale. Not only that, but the dealer has told me that this is a generous offer because the warranty wore out at 24 months or 24,000 miles. Here's news... extended warranty means squat on anything except the engine. I will never buy another Volkswagen product. My advice, keeping looking!

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Review Date: 18th July, 2001

19th Jul 2001, 15:06

Don't hesitate looking at the Passat. The Golf and Jetta sold in America appear to have far more problems than those sold in other countries (the North American Golf and Jetta are made in Mexico, not Germany or Austria). The Passat is made in Germany, and even according to Consumer Reports, the Jetta has dropped from the recommended list but I think the Passat is still there.