1998 Volkswagen Jetta VR6 from North America


Frustrating first buy


I have had the control sensor moduel replaced.

A new secondary fuel pump put in.

A new fuel filter put in.

Spark plugs replaced.

New bushing put in.

The electronic switch in the door replaced.

Total front end alignment.

All in a time span of 2 months since I've had this car.

General Comments:

I bought my 1998 New Jetta on 2/17/03 and it hasn't gone a full week with out being in the shop for service. Thank goodness I got a 4 yr./100,000 warranty when I purchased the vehicle, or I would be spending a lot of money on this car.

We have slowly eliminated the problems, but some of them seem to keep on coming back. The loose, rattling feeling under the drivers side pedals underneath the car and the check engine light coming on around 25-30 miles after it has been scanned and the computer cleared are two problems that have stumped even the service people.

From the outside this is a really cool are, and if it wasn't for these problems it would be awesome, I just wish I could find the solutions to these problems before I look at our states lemon law!

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Review Date: 13th April, 2003

1998 Volkswagen Jetta Wolfsburg from North America




Cruise Control System malfunctioned and needed to be replaced. I complained to VW of America and they paid for half the cost. In total, approximately $250 came out of my pocket.

Both front window motors malfunctioned. VW of America chose to pay for this repair entirely (approx. $900).

Rear left window has come off the track and the motor is malfunctioning.

The glove box handle has broken off completely.

The beige cloth interior stains easily with mysterious water marks. These stains never come off completely.

Factory stereo system volume knob was faulty.

Driver's side door molding came unglued.

Dealership noticed my front and rear rotors and pads needed replacing. The car had only 30,000 miles at the time and I'm not a fast driver.

General Comments:

The car handles well and the engine seems solid.

It's too bad because the rest of this car (i.e. electrical and body integrity) is terrible.

My wife leased a 2000 Jetta GLS and it has experienced similar problems.

I will never buy VW again.

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Review Date: 19th March, 2003

5th Nov 2005, 18:44

You should feel very lucky VWoA payed for the window problems, a lot of people are not so lucky. Also, how can you complain about a beige interior getting dirty!...IT'S BEIGE!

17th Jun 2006, 20:40

I laughed so hard when I read the comment about your beige interior having mysterious water marks/stains. My 1998 Wolfsburg does the exact same thing!!!

1998 Volkswagen Jetta GL from North America


My next call will be a Toyota - I am done with VW


The throttle body is "ready to fail" at 112000 miles.

The cooling system is leaking at 112000 miles.

The cassette player no longer works.

General Comments:

Too many additional problems arise with owning this vehicle, making servicing costs too expensive. This is even more frustrating because I brought the car in for every required service.

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Review Date: 1st February, 2003

1998 Volkswagen Jetta wolfsburg 121 cid engine from North America


1999 Jetta Windows are JUNK!!


First off let me say that I am so frustrated with my Jetta! Today it sits at the dealer waiting for the WINDOW REGULATOR that needs to be replaced at my cost. ($270)!!!

Had the headliner clips replaced after a year.

The front left speakers were replaced 3 times.

Socket failure on turn signals.

Had both front seat covers and door trim panels replaced due to EXTREME fading and wear after only 6 MONTHS!!!

Check ENGINE light revealed two faults with my vacuum hose.

Multiple issues with my Stereo... would switch from CD to tape on it's own, Volume knob won't respond and needs to be Pushed in and spun to try and control volume. (dealer says I need a new radio)

The LAST STRAW is this darn WINDOW REGULATOR!!! I have read MULTIPLE complaints on this site and many others with complaints on this issue. My drivers side window won't go up at all and it makes a HORRIBLE grinding sound when you push the window switch.

Of course since my car is the old style Jetta, which I purchased brand new it doesn't qualify for the window credit!! Isn't that GREAT!!

If anyone has any luck with obtaining a refund or satisfactory response from Volkswagen in regards to their WINDOW REGULATOR please let me know. I hope to take part in a class action suit against Volkswagen for their lack of accountability on this issue.

General Comments:

I do not and will never again recommend a Volkswagen to anyone who asks!

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Review Date: 25th November, 2002

22nd Jan 2003, 11:14

I too bought a 98 Wolfs new and have window troubles. The same grinding noise in the driver's. I have not had the same issues you have, but similar. Right front speaker has gone haywire, engine speed sensor needed replacing, battery died of it's own accord. The first week I had it the oil light went on and came up as a fault in the light, oil was fine. I love this car, but it has been frustrating to own, especially the last 3k miles (now at +56k).