5th Jun 2003, 18:37

I too have had similar troubles with my 1999 Jetta Wolfsburg.

I have replace three of the four windows (either the motor the regulator or both) at great cost.

My Jetta is an "old" Jetta and I did not get any relief from my bills to fix these windows.

Also my driver's side mouldings have fallen off both doors.

I had an unusual electrical problem where the hand brake somehow caused the headlights to malfunction and not work at all.

The factory stereo volume control is faulty (turns volume up when you turn it down).

I also have found mysterious water stains on the back seat (someone else mentioned this problem too)

Class action anyone??

7th Jul 2003, 23:17

I to have had many problems with the windows on my jetta 98. All four windows have gone out. I had to fix the driver windows for around five hundred dollars for a new motor. The car again is in the shop getting repaired because the part between the muffler exhaust and catalytic converter has rusted and now there is a big hole there. If I wanted my car to make loud sounds I would have bought pipes for it. If anybody knows exactly what the warranty on these cars are please email at mattsellers@yahoo.com if you would like to get a suit against VW.

29th Aug 2003, 15:47

I feel like I belong to this club of unhappy VW customers. I happened upon this site quite by accident. I was trying to find out how much I can get for the poor excuse of car that I purchased from VW in 1998. The model is a Jetta Wolfsburg.

The car was worry free for about 2 years. Then little things started to happen. The volume knob didn't function properly. I had the front windows fixed once. Now they have malfunctioned again. The front passenger window doesn't even work. Period.

The throttle body housing went. Of course VW service blamed me. Mind you that I take super great care of my car. Only VW certified service and the car looks better than a lot of new cars out there. But, they said it was me. Just another way of passing the responsibility to someone else, instead of admitting the car is flawed.

For about 3 years now, I've constantly had problems with the rain. Yep, the rain, water. Seems the car starts to buck to and fro, and then dies. I've had it towed on a few occasions because of this. Again, VW service finds that "something else went" on my car. How convenient. It's never the same thing. Except that the car is allergic to water!

My girfriend has a Toyota with 106,000 plus miles. Their service department has treated her like gold. Not to mention that her car has been reliable through and through. My new car is going to be a Toyota.

I complained to VW corporate headquarters and they totally dismissed my complaints. Forget that I spent my hard earned money on "their" product, and that I was a customer to their service department. They did not nothing about it.

I originally recommended two friends immediatley after I bought my car. They too bought VW's. If their cars are junks like mine, they must be cursing me out. I will NEVER recommend VW to anyone. I will do my best to talk them out of the purchase.

"Buyer Beware" never resounded so much as it does now. Incidentally, I bought an "Extended Warranty" at the time of purchase. Except they took me for a ride, and ripped me off pretty good. They sold me a 60 month or 60,000 mile extended warranty, which ever came first. "Bumper to bumper". The only problem was that it started the day I bought the car. VW gave me a "bumper to bumper" for the first two years of the car. So I actually spent my money on a 3 year extended warranty worth only 30,000 miles that I put on in those 3 years.

Seems like the VW dealers are shady, and VW America / corporate condones it. What do they care, just keep selling the cars. Sounds like Enron style corporate crime to me.

3rd Sep 2003, 12:42

Ditto on all the experiences, faults and complaints of all my fellow Jetta owners.

I too have had numerous problems with the electric windows in my car. I have replaced every single window, including three regulators and one motor. This expense was considerable - about $300 a pop for each regulator, and $600 for the motor.

Like many others, I lost my job during the recent economic downturn and simply don't have the money to spend on my Jetta anymore. This is problematic, as two of the windows have ceased functioning again. The dealer told me that the regulators give out regularly and have a useful life of about two years.

Frustrated, I called VW of America to complain. After viewing this site & many others, I told VW of America that I am not alone: this is a recurring, expensive problem. Their answer? "Call the dealer, get a diagnostic, and we'll see what we can do for you." They will not pay for the diagnostic, nor will they guarantee payment/credit for the shoddy quality on this car.

Along with a number of the frustrated VW customers here, I also conclude that Volkswagens have a severe quality control problem and simply aren't worth the hassle and expense of purchasing.

For all those considering purchasing a Volkswagen, please don't. I should have gone for the Toyota.

20th Oct 2003, 15:16

I have a 1999 VW Cabrio, and it is a mess. I have had the same stereo issues, like the cassette palyer just coming on for no reason, when there is no cassette in it, and the volume going up when you are turning it down, and the CD player not playing when it is raining or even humid outside, Now they say my muffler is destroyed, out if no where, and they say they will have to charge $900 to fix it. Good thing I have a mechanic of my own, who told me they are insane, and he is going to fix for a third of that. Also, my check engine light keeps coming on, and they say it is because of something, then they fix it, and charge me, and the light comes back on, so then they fix a new "problem they find" and the light comes right on again. Volkswagens are the devil, and I WILL NEVER BUY ONE AGAIN. I also had a WINDOW PROBLEM REPEATEDLY like many of you have said. That was a huge mess. I DO NOT RECOMMEND VW TO ANY NEW CAR BUYER.

11th Nov 2003, 15:37

Disgust with VW and VW of America.

I am an owner of a 1998 VW Wolfsburg. And all I have to say is that I will NEVER buy another VW again. Windows anyone?? I know mine don't work, and never do. I was at a fast food restaurant during the middle of a thunderstorm, put my window down to order, and it DID NOT go back up. My VW has been into VW six times now for window problems. At one point, all four windows did not work. I just brought my car into VW today to have another window fixed and they told me that they would not pay for it. I was appauled at this! They have taken care of it 6 times and now all of a sudden it's my fault that they can't get it right... I don't think so. Luckily I have a good VW service dept. in my town and they do take care of things for me. But VW of America is horrible. I would like to get more information about the class action suit going on. Buyers beware about VW... Things are great for the first two years, and after that it's an expensive nightmare. Within three months, I've spent over two thousand dollars at VW. I take my car in for one reason, and they tell me it's another. I go in for an oil change, and they tell me I need new brakes and a rotor. I'm sick of this and this car! I say we all get together and bring a Wolfsburg suit of our own. Keep communicating through this website. Maybe we can get some relief!

20th Apr 2004, 16:08

VW owner in Canada...

How did you go about getting VW to pay for the window repairs? I bought the car second hand so I am unsure about the coverage.


13th Jun 2007, 17:17

I have a 1999 Wolfsburg Jetta and have problems with all 4 windows. The same problem as already described here. Volks refuses to fix them for free. Someone asked about a class action. There already was a class action, Volks lost, but it still refuses to fix my windows for free saying that my specific model was not covered by the lawsuit.

17th Feb 2009, 00:43

I too am having the exact same problem I have a 1999 VW Jetta Wolfsberg edition, but it is the 98 body style, therefore everything on it is the exact same as the pre 99 version. Ha the dealer led me to believe it was the NEW version, me being 20 at the time and a stupid man with my brand new army bonus, it was an easy sell for him.

Worked perfect when I got it, now the driver's side window does the exact same loud noise non roll down, and the rear windows can only be controlled by the front controls! AWESOME right, the passenger side window only works when it wants to.

I say if there hasn't been one yet, that a class action lawsuit is filed! Because if there is this many people saying this, there is something really wrong with them.