2000 Volkswagen Jetta VR6


Amazingly efficient and reliable


Battery lasted 113000 miles...

AC went out, but back in Florida... under 1k to fix...

The car runs like brand new.. still have original plugs and wires!!! 28 MPG all day.

General Comments:

This car will easily go 300k with a tune up. 2nd owner, great bang for the buck.

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Review Date: 24th April, 2010

25th Apr 2010, 10:25

Change out your plugs and wires and you can probably get better than 28 MPG. Also, estimating that you'll get 300K out of a motor when your only at 139K is a bit much. Especially when you've basically admitted that you don't perform basic maintenance by stating you still have the original plugs at 139K.

2000 Volkswagen Jetta GLX VR6


Sporty, fun, great handling, love it!!!


There is a little crack in the heater core (which it still has, but it is totally fine to drive with), so it loses coolant every once and awhile.

The coolant reservoir tank has been replaced twice.

The glovebox has fallen off, but can be put back in its place.

There hasn't really been much wrong with the car, just a few problems with the coolant system. Other than that, it runs great, and not too much money has been put into "repairs." The regular maintenance has really taken care of everything.

General Comments:

My family has had this car since the beginning, so I know the 2 previous owners. It has been taken care of immaculately, and because of that, the coolant system is really the only problem to speak of here.

I have the 6 speed manual, and it really feels great. It's quick, responsive, and the handling is great! The leather is superb, and looks like it is new.

The backseat is a little small for larger people, but no big deal usually. There are so many little things that are great about the car that you usually don't get in a car like this. Heated seats, power sunroof, memory seats, on board computer, outside/inside auto temp control, rear sunshade, monsoon sound system (we've added a subwoofer, and got a new radio with XM/iPod), traction control, cruise control, rain-sensing wipers, and an awesome VR6 engine.

The lights are a little weak sometimes, but the fog lights make up for it. The feel of the car is great, it's very luxurious, but so sporty at the same time. You can sit back and enjoy the ride, or you can rev it up and watch it fly!

It's a great car, and even though a lot of people say there are lots of problems, I have just not come across them. I get my oil changed every 5,000 miles religiously (5w40 syn), always fill premium gas, keep it clean, and don't let problems fester. It's totally worth the money, and the mark 4s really do shine!

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Review Date: 10th March, 2010

2000 Volkswagen Jetta GLS VR6 2.8L


High maintenance relationship with some disfunction in the early years


September 1999 - Brand new GLS 2000 VR6 2.8L Manual purchased.

December 1999 - AC Switch would not turn off AC system. Replaced under warranty. Mileage = 5903.

January 2000 - Key falling apart. Dashboard instrument cluster replaced to defect. Replaced under warranty.

March 2000 - Engine rough during idle and missing. Checked, no repairs. Mileage = 9783.

Late March 2000 - key shatters again. Replaced again. Under warranty. Mileage = 10,010.

Late April 2000 Oxygen sensor replaced. Brake light switch replaced. Mileage = 12,398.

June 2000- Head gasket is blown. Leaking coolant while in middle of long vacation trip in Catskills. (Middle of nowhere). Mileage = 15,408.

Middle of June 2000 - Key does not work again. Replaced under warranty. Mileage = 16,152.

September 2000 - New repair shop - back to original dealer reseller versus closer VW dealership. Malfunctioning engine light - Oxygen sensor replaced again. Computer reset. Mileage = 21,286.

Late October 2000 - Malfunctioning engine light - Oxygen sensor replaced again. Mass Air flow sensor boot is reset. Computer reset again. Mileage = 21,443.

November 2000 - Malfunctioning engine light - Oxygen sensor replaced again. Mass air flow sensor boot is reset. Computer reset again. Mileage = 22,209.

February 2001 - Glove compartment box disintegrates. Dealer says part not in stock (I wonder why LOL). Replaced under warranty.

April 2001 - Window regulator is disintegrated. Window would not raise up and close. Regulator replaced. Mileage = 30,171.

June 2001 - glove compartment box is on national backorder - still. Finally replaced. Mileage = 37,302.

December 2001 - Oil pan and related gasket replaced due to leak. Mileage = 41350.

January 2002 - Replaced strut bearing caps. Mileage = 46,792.

March 2002 - Brakes are creating excessive noise. Rotors are scored, but no need to replace at this juncture. Mileage = 47000 (estimated as dealership has wrong mileage listed on receipt).

September 2002 - Driver side window, once again, falls thru as regulator is faulty. Running light lamp replaced. Regulator replaced, under warranty. Mileage = 58000.

April 2003. Lower right control (suspension rod) and bushing replaced inner and out tire rods are replaced as well. Mileage - 70,621.

March 2004. Replace oil pan again. Learned that the pan screw and gasket around screw must be replaced every time (discount oil places do not and over torque) - thus a second replacement. Mileage 97,789.

April 2004. Catalytic converter is replaced by non-dealer. Mileage 99,839.

May 2004 - Both outer tie rods are loose and need to be replaced. Mileage is approximately 103,000.

May 2004. Replace V belt. Replaced brake light switch due to recall. Mileage = 104,837.

June 2004. Left mirror switch disintegrates. Catalytic converter recalled. Both oxygen sensors blown. Strut mounts need to be replaced. Left seat latch disintegrates for rear seat fold down. Both inner tire rods need replacement, again. Approximately $2500 to $3000 for repairs. Mileage 106,343.

October 2004. New repair shop for 2/3 of labor rates with better service. Tie rod assemblies and mass air flow meter replaced. Mileage = 113,435.

Mid October 2004 - Massive coolant leak. Breakdown in NY State. Coolant system gaskets, pipe and O rings replaced. Mileage = 114,839.

Mid November 2004 - Coolant housing gasket replaced, flushed. Mileage = 115,204.

February 2005. Engine light is still on due to catalytic converter. Oxygen sensors need to be replaced. Inner tie rods need to be replaced. Front strut assemblies need to be replaced.

May 2005. AC need to be recharged. Mileage 127,662.

September 2005. Induction service and flushed out brake system, engine, coolant and fuel system. Mileage 132,515.

June 2006. Replace radiator and condenser. Mileage = 150,338.

July 2006. Brake reservoir has slow leak.

August 2006. AC receiver/dryer assembly replaced. AC sensor replaced. AC compressor replaced. Mileage = 154,421.

February 2007. BG flush for brakes, coolant system, power steering, engine. Mileage 166,330.

April 2007. Replaced belt dampener, vbelt, coolant and temperature sender. Brake light switch recall repair. Mileage = 172,223.

Late April 2007. AC is causing major noise and buzzing.

July 2007. After repeated attempts for VW of America, Inc. to reimburse for the recall of catalytic converter, they finally responded with a check for $334.08 The total cost for repair of Oxygen Sensors, and converter and resetting computer is approximately $2000.00 A drop of water in the bucket. Mileage 179,000.

November 2007. Trunk will not open. Actuator replaced. Mileage = 185,908.

March, 2008. Trunk will not open again. Wiring to trunk lids has short replaced.

April 2008. Rear fuel line leak. Fail (as always) vehicle emissions testing (7 years running). Replaced line. Mileage = 195,160.

January 2009. Car will not turnover/start. Ground to fuel pump. Power supply relay is burnt. Replaced. Mileage = 211,292.

Later January 2009. Replaced emergency brake line/cable. Replace strut mounts, sway bar bushings. Mileage = 211,621.

April 2009. Replaced (again - 3rd time) window regulator on driver side. Replaced leaking valve gaskets (impressive, considering age/mileage). Mileage = 217,071.

November 2009. Replaced lower control arm bushings, thermostat housing and crossover pipe. Mileage = 238,835.

January 2010. Replaced exhaust system. Mileage = 239,885.

Late January 2010. Car will not start. Symptom for past 1+ years is during damp/rainy mornings, car engine would start and engine would misfire. Electrical coil replaced. Mileage = 241,325.

Mid-February 2010. Clutch and related assembly, fly wheel replaced. Water pump replaced. Front head light replace. Mileage = 241,825.

General Comments:

This is a German vehicle and must be maintained with strict adherence. BMW parts and service costing are similar. Secondly, this car was assembled in Mexico, thus the many problems with quality for the lifetime of the vehicle.

The price of admission to own this car is a fine balance between owning a German vehicle with performance and handling. If the owner is not ready to maintain a fairly needy vehicle, do not purchase. However, I love the way it handles, and miss driving the car whenever I drive an American or Japanese model. This car really moves and is a pleasure to drive WHEN it is running right.

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Review Date: 9th March, 2010

1st Apr 2010, 22:57

This is an excellent find for me... I have a 2000 VW Jetta GLS with 227K miles and have been replacing parts and keeping it running. I just replaced the timing belt and water pump (second time), clutch (amazingly the original) and had various leaks and the trunk latch fixed. I believe I am going to have to have my third oxygen sensor or second catalytic converter put on to pass emissions. The other major repairs I have had are the front tie rods and control arms, and the entire rack and pinion assembly, for which I put a used part on.

Other than that, the car has been money... I had a guy who did cheap repairs, and I just keep doing used parts as much as I can.

Great to read someone else's experience.


13th May 2010, 20:43

Wow, I thought I had a lemon. LOL. Identical story, lights, sensors, glove box, struts and of course the COIL!

Took awhile to figure that one out. Then the followers on the timing chain wore out, $2800.00. Bent valves, had to rework head etc. Finally bought my daughter a Volvo S40.

31st Jan 2011, 04:38

I work at a VW dealership, and what you have been describing about mechanical failure is pretty much standard for Volkswagens. Most problematic vehicles I have ever seen.