2002 Volkswagen Jetta GLS


It's cute aesthetically but mechanically not so cute.


After 6 years, the car stereo just didn't turn on.

General Comments:

The helpful advice that fuse #42 is for the radio saved me a lot of money. All I had to do is remove the fuse for ten seconds like someone suggested, and insert it back in... And my radio worked again, thank you!

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Review Date: 10th July, 2008

2002 Volkswagen Jetta GLS 2.0 liter


Overall excellent value


Minor ticky tacky things have gone wrong -- radio stopped working a while back. Tried fuse 42 (took it out, then put it back in) and that did the trick.

Biggest complaint is that a couple of times during heavy rain, the front driver's side foot well got soaked with water. Now, every once in a while, I'll squeeze the drain tube in the crook of the door to make sure it's clear. Since I started doing this, have not had any water problems.

Had two completely random moonroof tilt-ups/downs. The first time I convinced myself it didn't happen. 2nd time someone else was with me, so I knew it was real.

General Comments:

Overall I have had good luck with this car. Have taken it in for all scheduled maintenance and it drives just fine. No mechanical problems to report at all. Handles exceptionally well in the snow (much much better than an old 1990 Honda I had).

I would buy this car again. Have had extremely good luck with this car.

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Review Date: 9th July, 2008

2002 Volkswagen Jetta 1.8t


Good car if you don't mind a lot of time getting warranty work done


Numerous interior peeling issues, the drivers seat heater created a fire, 3 windows have fallen out of rhe regulator, and 3 coils have been replaced.

Mysterious draw that killed battery but vanished.

Radio has lost Fm and Am reception, but CD player still works.

I am constantly cleaning drains for sunroof in door jambs (mainly because it's parked under a tree).

Front rotors warped at 20,000.

Interior lights used to go nuts but mysteriously stopped acting up.

Seat track springs on both front seats have broken.

Center hanger on exhaust has broken loose at the weld.

Center console latch has broken.

Brake light switch has broken.

General Comments:

I am a master auto mechanic and this is my wife's car. If I had my way, it would be the last German car she ever buys. Its fun to drive, and stable at high speeds. I feel safe driving it, but I'm tired of constantly driving her to a dealer for warranty work.

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Review Date: 6th July, 2008

2002 Volkswagen Jetta GLS 2.0L




When it was brand new, there was a software problem that impacted braking.

Since then, I've had to have it towed after a fuse blew and I couldn't get it out of Park (this was a recall issue).

I've also had to replace the brake pads and rotors due to rust. I suggest you refrain from using the parking brake as much as possible.

The newest problem was a leak. Thanks to this website, I discovered it was a plugged drain in the sunroof. It almost fixed itself but the car stinks.

General Comments:

Nice to drive in the city, but the 2002 Jetta is a lemon.

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Review Date: 2nd July, 2008

2002 Volkswagen Jetta GLS 1.8 turbo


Buyer beware


I too have had the issue with the coils. 4 months after having the car, I was driving to work on a very busy highway and the car bucked, jumped and an array of lights came on on the dash.

After having it towed to the VW dealer, they described the whole issue and only replaced the 2 that had blown... I have since had the car in the shop at my own mechanic to replace 3 more coils.

This car sits in front of my house for days on end not being used, and it is quite disappointing that when you need it, this happens. Frustrated? Yeah, a bit! I would never take this car on a long trip, for fear of another coil blowing, and am anxious to get this piece of crap off my hands.

Not to mention the heated seats... LOL... another issue, apparently one wire was loose, burned a hole through the seat and burned my pants and my bottom! The fact that they know of this and didn't recall each and every vehicle, regardless of a supply problem... is unacceptable.

I would never buy another VW, regardless of how many updates and changes have been made. Past performance and support or lack thereof... I don't see another VW in my future, and am ready to send this heap to the junk pile.

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Review Date: 30th June, 2008