2002 Volkswagen Jetta GLS 1.8T


I will never buy a Volkswagen again!


I just happened to come across this web site right before going to bed, and felt utterly compelled to post.

My family has owned 9 VW's in the past 15 years, including 1 Sirocco, 2 Passats, 1 Golf, the anniversary addition GTI, and 4 Jettas. My '02 Jetta 1.8T is the last to go, and we won't be looking back.

I bought the car June 24, 2002. Warranty: 5 years/60000 miles.

August & September 2002: It started with ignition coils within a few weeks of buying the car. The car didn't want to start without a fight. One was replaced early on and then eventually (Dec 2002) they all were under the recall. When I first brought the car in, they could not duplicate the problem and I was sent home. Luckily they figured it out the second time.

December 2003: My driver's side heated seat caught on fire. That one was fun.

August 2004: The sunroof had a kink in the drain hose, which had flooded my car. It was also not set correctly. A week in the shop and all of the carpet was removed and all the padding was replaced. The sunroof was reset. Since then it will randomly open an close on it's own.

August 2005: Check engine light on - replaced oxygen sensor. Also started noticing a squeak in the front end, which was supposedly fixed by replacing both stabilizer bar coupling links. (It has never stopped squeaking.)

February 2007: The engine control module (computer) had to be replaced along with the gas pedal.

Summer 2007: Cheap plastic clip on center console breaks.

September 2007: I am now 3 months past my 5 year warranty, but I only have 51,000 miles on the car. My car starts to shift kind of rough. Turns out I need a new transmission. I was quoted $6800.00. I fought VW for 2 weeks to try and get them to pay this. (While I was without my car, I was riding my motorcycle as my only mode of transportation and was in an accident, which was not my fault, and totalled my bike.) I was also told that this was a fluke issue and not at all common. Um, yeah, whatever.

Luckily (I guess), VW agreed to pay half of the repair. I was hoping for better since I was just outside of my warranty time wise, but way under mileage wise and the fact that my family has owned so many VWs. (At one point I explained that I did not plan on buying another VW due to my car's history and my family's misfortune with different service departments and the offer was revoked. Turns out the VW customer service supervisor did not have the authority to do that.) I forked over the dough and put the car on the market.

November 2007: The driver's side CV joint needs to be replaced. Pretty sure this was a direct result of the transmission being replaced, since they had to remove the CV joint to do the transmission, but couldn't prove it. I spent $4000.00 in 2 months on repairs on a car with 51000 miles.

I do not drive this car hard and it is well maintained. This car just plain hates me and the feeling is mutual.

General Comments:

I love the look of that body style (mine is a black wagon with dark tinted windows), the interior is awesome, the turbo is wonderful and I hate hating the car, but it has given me no choice. I haven't driven the car since Nov because I'm afraid of what may happen next.

My husband was just given a company truck, so I now drive his Ford Ranger. The Jetta sits in the garage next to my new bike and I dread the day that someone will finally be interested in it and ask the dreaded question, "Do you have the maintenance records?"

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Review Date: 14th February, 2008

12th Nov 2009, 16:22

I bought my car in 2004 at the local VW car dealership in town. It was a well kept 2002 Volkswagen Jetta 1.8T. I've never driven one nor had friends who had before. So I wasn't too familiar with the life expectancy or the maintenance. I work at a restaurant that most of the Volkswagen employees ate at, so I knew who they were and thought I could trust them.

At first, my car put me in the best mood because of the way it drove and the fact that I could operate my radio without having to turn on my engine. The way it drove on the highway was great. I have always loved the cuteness of the body of all the Volkswagen models as well. I felt like it was the best car ever.

Now that's it's 2008, my car has shut down on me on every warm afternoon since June of 2008. The first time my MIL light came on the Volkswagen service department said that it was nothing just an update. Oh, and my MIL light comes on so many times I am at the point of ignoring it. And, then recently, I went over to the service department and they tell me that I needed a new transmission which would cost 4400 dollars. So, my dad took my car to a more reliable VW mechanic and the only thing really wrong with my car was that it needed a software update. And, this was the reason my MIL light was on. When I got a chance to visit the more reliable mechanic, I noticed a lot more cars like mine in his shop. And, the reliable mechanic was honest and never said a word about cost unless we asked. He just showed us how he checked for problems and went through the whole engine to see any problems.

Don't get me wrong, the salesmen that worked with me were the nicest people outside of the dealership, but I could never trust the serviceman who always talked to us about my car. When I told serviceman about a warranty about the transmission, he said, "Well, if you were given that kind of warranty, I wouldn't be working here and sitting on millions of dollars." Now, tell me, who says that. My dad and I were baffled by his comment.

2002 Volkswagen Jetta GLS 1.8 gas


Not worth it


My windows on the driver side drop, and I am having problem with the alarm system.

General Comments:

It's fun to drive, but there's not enough space for a big car like this.

The heated seats really nice.

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2008