Jetta 1.8 turbo

Good car, turbo :-), Good brakes, fun to drive

326 words, 1 comment

Jetta TDI Wagon 2.0 turbo diesel

Woud NOT buy another VW except on a dare, basically

239 words, 1 comment

Jetta 1.8L turbo

This was a fun car to drive, yet a horrible mistake to purchase

174 words, 1 comment

Jetta Wolfsburg 1.8 turbo

I have gotten excellent value out of this car

137 words


267 words

Jetta 2.0

355 words

Jetta GLS 1.8T

Best German automobile out there, despite the problems and costs

158 words


Will not buy Volkswagen again

179 words, 2 comments

Jetta GLS 1.8t

221 words

Jetta GLS 1.8 T

Death trap

52 words

Jetta GTS 1.8 turbo

Wouldn't buy anything else... VW love

142 words

Jetta GLX 2.8 litre VR6 30v

The fun, comfy luxurious Jetta of the bunch. Just bring your wallet

348 words

Jetta 1.8 turbo

Fun, fast, cute, unreliable, expensive

203 words

Jetta 2.0

Costly and excessive mechanical issues, primarily electrical

104 words

Jetta TDI Wagon turbo diesel

High mileage lemon

157 words

Jetta Wagon 1.9 TDI

Great fuel economy, horrible reliability

228 words, 1 comment

Jetta GLS 1.9 turbo diesel

I would love to have another one of these babies!

633 words

Jetta Wagon 1.8T

I like it

56 words

Jetta VR6 TI Sedan

I really like this car, but I need an answer for the engine light

342 words

Jetta GL 2.0

The best and worst car I've ever owned

300 words

Jetta GLI 2.8 VR6

Good looking, but unreliable

77 words


This vehicle is not worth it

165 words, 1 comment


Definitely should be a recall by VW!!!

177 words


I love and thank God for it

220 words

Jetta GLI 2.8 VR6

Not worth the money

42 words, 1 comment

Jetta GL 1.8 turbo

Would buy another Volkswagen.. maybe a Passat or Touareg

116 words

Jetta TDI 1.9 turbo diesel

160 words


I wouldn't buy another one

146 words

Jetta GLS

Worst New Car I have ever had!!!

310 words

Jetta Wolfsburg 1.8T

The Peoples Car Rocks..

255 words

Jetta GL

Great car with some slight problems that can't be fixed

148 words, 1 comment

Jetta 1.8 turbo

Never again a VW!

124 words, 2 comments

Jetta TDI 1.8 turbo diesel

Lacks the quality that I am use to in Honda and Toyota

47 words

Jetta GLS 1.8T

I will never in a million years buy one again

296 words, 4 comments

Jetta 2.0

I will never buy another VW product!

115 words

Jetta TDI

127 words

Jetta Wolfsburg 1.8t

188 words

Jetta GLS turbo diesel

I expect to drive it 300,000 miles plus

197 words


Terrible car for the money!

103 words, 1 comment

Jetta GL Wagon

Great one-night stand; bad marriage

121 words

Jetta GLI VR6

Best car I have owned

26 words


Great with exception

144 words, 1 comment

Jetta GLS 1.8 turbo

Invest your money in Honda or other Japanese car!!! My next car will not be VW that's for sure..

212 words

Jetta 1.7T

Great looking car on the road, but I don't know

380 words, 3 comments


Ground Clearance will cause excessive expense and computer problems too after warranty runs out

45 words, 1 comment

Jetta Wagon TDI GLS 1.9L turbo diesel

Great car with one unacceptable design flaw

55 words

Jetta Wolfsburg

This 2003 Wolfsburg was a great buy and I love this car

72 words, 1 comment

Jetta VR6 6 cylinder

If you live in the Sahara Desert (no rain), buy the car

36 words, 3 comments

Jetta GLS TDI 1.9

I am really disappointed overall

87 words

Jetta GLS

250 words, 1 comment

Jetta GL 2.0L

This is a Great sport car!!!

71 words, 1 comment

Jetta GLS 1.8 turbo

A tease

157 words, 2 comments

Jetta GLI 2.8 VR6

Fun to drive, not fun to own

201 words

Jetta GL 2.0

It is poorly made

69 words


By far the best car, in this price range, on the road

113 words

Jetta LS 4 cylinder

The Jetta is not a good buy

238 words

Jetta GL 2.0

This is a great car

103 words, 1 comment

Jetta GLS 2.0

Horrible ripoff!!

161 words

Jetta GL

Great value

82 words

Jetta gls 1.8T

It's not the least expensive small car, but consider that it's built like an A4, and it costs half

118 words

Jetta GL 1.8 turbo Gas

If rattles and squeaks are your pet peeve don't buy this car!

157 words, 1 comment

Jetta GLS 2.0L

This Jetta is a lemon

40 words

Jetta GL 4 cylinder

Overall, I would have been better off purchasing a Honda or Acura

143 words

Jetta Gti

Love the car, but I'm puzzled!

96 words

Jetta GLI V6

Customer Service is dead in America and apparently in Germany too!

49 words

Jetta TDI

It is of poor quality and is not worth your money

173 words, 5 comments

Jetta GLI 2.8L


115 words

Jetta Wolfsburg 1.8T 180 HP

Perfect car for a college student till you have a child, you will just fall in love with it

490 words, 1 comment

Jetta Wolfsburg Edition 1.8 T

Best car buying decision I've ever made

79 words, 9 comments

Jetta GL 1.8 turbo 4 cylinder

I worship this car

238 words, 2 comments

Jetta GLS 1.8T

4-door rocket

86 words

Jetta Wolfsburg Edition 1.8 turbo

Great design and engineering

307 words, 1 comment

Jetta GLS base engine

Looks and feels great; but only average when it comes to performance; Need the bigger engine

119 words, 1 comment

Jetta Wolfsburg 1.8 turbo

Fast and the Furious, without the NOS

118 words

Jetta Wolfsburg 1.8T

Very reliable, fun, nice ride!

301 words, 4 comments


Overpriced for sub-par quality and service

55 words

Jetta GL 4 cylinder

Good looking car, but poorly built engine

95 words, 1 comment

Jetta GLS 2.0L Gasoline

A fun car that with some quirks

159 words

Jetta Wolfsburg 1.8T

Wolfsburg is German for

171 words

Jetta GLX 2.8 VR6

A little expensive, but a fun car

83 words

Jetta GLS 1.8T

All around best package

78 words

Jetta GLI 2.8 VR6 24v

Best sports sedan in its class

326 words, 19 comments

Jetta GLS

Not worth the money or the time!

68 words

Jetta GL TDI Wagon 1.9 turbo diesel

Best wagon on the market

75 words, 4 comments

Jetta GLS 1.8 turbo


139 words, 5 comments

Jetta GLS 1.8T

A High Performance Sport Luxury Unparalleled Vehicle

70 words, 1 comment

Jetta GLS 1.8 turbo

Cute and fun, perfect for a college student

98 words

Jetta GLS 1.8T

Best low cost compact sports sedan on the market!

119 words

Jetta GLS 1.9 liter turbo diesel

The Jetta GLS TDI is an excellent and economical performer!

211 words, 2 comments

Jetta GLS 1.8T

Beautiful, economical, excellent car to drive

83 words

Jetta GL 2.0 Liter

68 words, 1 comment

Jetta GL 1.9 TDI

Economical and Environmentally friendly

154 words, 1 comment

Jetta GLI VR6

Absolute piece of overpriced garbage

140 words


Good value if from a good dealer

302 words

Jetta GLX Wagon 1.8 turbo

First Thousand Miles? Great!

398 words, 2 comments

Jetta GLS turbo diesel

A drivers car with a few quality control handicaps

176 words