Rabbit L 1.7 carb

Gas saving in and out of traffic go-go mobile

61 words

Rabbit Convertible 1.8L

Fun to drive, safe for a convertible, great small car

488 words, 1 comment

Rabbit L 1.7 FI

I love it! Very fun to drive!!!

105 words

Rabbit Wolfsburg Ed. Convertible 1.8 gas

Basic fun

107 words, 3 comments

Rabbit Wolfburg Eddition 1.8 Gasoline

Quick, Cheap, and Fun!

155 words

Rabbit L 1.8

Good job VW for marketing a very poor product

251 words, 14 comments

Rabbit Convertible 1.8L fuel injection

Built for Ontario winters!

186 words, 7 comments

Rabbit L 1.6 turbo diesel

This is one of the best all around cars ever made

87 words

Rabbit Convertible

A cheap, reliable, and fun convertible

73 words, 2 comments

Rabbit D 1.6L diesel

Inexpensive parts, good gas mileage, easy to work on

111 words

Rabbit L 1.6L

Godly peace of machinery

163 words

Rabbit GTi 1.8 CIS F.I.

A wolf in sheep's clothing

132 words, 1 comment

Rabbit GTi 1.8

A very quick nimble bargain; easily repaired or modified

216 words, 20 comments

Rabbit GTi 2.0 16v

One big headache

37 words, 2 comments