16th Dec 2004, 14:32

Mileage was in KMS, not miles.

25th Jan 2005, 14:53

I totally agree with the comment defending VW's...I own a 1984 VW Rabbit... It is an Excellent car, I think the problem with this owners car is that they got the "bad apple" of the batch, which there happens to be one in every type of make and model, not just VW. Secondly, you can't expect to buy an older car, and not put ANY money into it... Its just not going to happen. Anyway, sorry you think that VW's are Sh*t, but that's just not true.

P.S.- My car does not compare with ANY YUGO, OR ASIAN CRAP CAR!!

10th Mar 2005, 08:30

I would strongly disagree with you status of the Volkswagen Rabbit, diesel I am an American studying At the FEATF Frankfurt engine and transmission foundation in Frankfurt Germany, The design and proficiency of the 1.6L is one of the 15 best in the would have cars, I do agree that you may have had some problems with the Engines, but you have to understand that before you bought the engines you have no clue of the withstanding maintance of them, please complain about you know about.. thank you.

11th Mar 2005, 23:42

The comments mentioned were not about a 1.6 diesel, they were concerning a 100k mile gas 1.7, and a 60k mile 1.8 engines, both were SOHC engines.

Fron the poor results I've gotten from others with other (even newer VW's) easily has me doubting VW's from this day forward. I strongly recommend others to send their new car funds on a Japanese car or a Focus, or even the later Escorts before they invest in a VW.

30th Nov 2006, 03:41

I totally disagree with your views concerning VW products.

I have owned two VW golf cars and my two friends were inspired to own a vw each.

VW cannot be compared with Japanese brand of cars... no way!

A junk car can be packaged and sold to an unsuspecting buyer with a litlle knowledge about cars. Do you agree?

I will not even accept a BMW for a gift, unless its brand new. I favour VW strongly and they have my vote any day.

Ifeanyi Ajulufo (Mr.), Abuja, Nigeria.

8th May 2007, 15:34

Original writer:

OK, I understand that the GTi is/WAS a better car, and it always was. Mine wasn't a GTI, rather an L model ran on only the best gas, original OEM parts and always driver responsibly.

Still, several small parts like door handles would break, there was leaks into the passenger compartment, and a general feeling of "crappyness" was evident when I compared this car to others I could be driving... but I soldiered on, replacing part after part thinking "this will be the last repair it will need, then it'll all be better"/

VW made a fool of me. I'll never own another one, and strongly recommend others to stay away from them too, including Audi products. Sure the GTi is a better car, but those weren't manufactured in the same plants as the L models.

On egood thing tho, is the European built VW's and the others for countries like South Africa. My aunt who lives there LOVES her early 90's Citigolf, and even passed it down to her daughter who had the motor rebuilt and drives it everyday!

Sure these cars CAN be good, but the majority of those on the N. American market are over-marketed garbage comparable to a Chevrolet Cavalier.

Long story made short, if you want a reliable euro car, and live in North America, don't' cheap out and get a VW/Audi... suck it up and get a BMW or something more robust!

26th Sep 2007, 23:56

I am a very thrilled owner of a 1984 Rabbit L. Purchased used in 2001 with 147k + showing, it now has over 204k miles. Yes, I've had to maintain it like any other car. But given that all it's needed has been rear brakes, drums & bearings, all 4 struts, timing belt, tune-up, rear hood strut and window crank knobs, I find no reason to complain. Many a Honda, especially from this era, has died or been traded in long before this mileage with much more maintenance. I should know. I've been a professional mechanic for 22 years. Which is actually to the detriment of any car I own. I only work on it after the part fails. And I drive hard. For the last 2 years I've needed a new clutch per standard. Despite how thin the disc is, the car still drives fine and does not roll down a hill in gear w/o the parking brake. I couldn't ask for a more durable, "virtually" maintenance free car! BTW: If your car does not specify synthetic oil, DO NOT USE IT! Synthetic oil tends to burn more easily than conventional oil, costs more and in high mileage engines seems to make the engine noisier. My guess is that the film is not thick enough to fill in the clearances or cannot handle the stress loads sufficiently and thus creates the noisier condition. Long live the Rabbit! (Kinda redundant, isn't it?)

23rd Oct 2007, 09:33

I just purchased a rabbit L diesel and so far enjoy it I just wish they would specify the liters more clearly I'm not sure if it is 1.6 or 1.4 the only thing I'm not thrilled with is starting it on cold mornings.

13th Jun 2008, 10:53

I have owned several Rabbits and have little to no trouble with them. I do realize most people drive like their driving a race car but if you drive your Rabbits reponsibly they'll last forever. I had 1979 I got in 1984 put 120,000 miles on it. Standard stuff, struts brakes, an alternator, exhaust. Traded in in 1988. Got a 1984 Diesel in 1994 put 130,000 miles on it. Brakes and Glow plugs were it until I sold it in 2000. Got a 1981 in 1996 put 85,000 on it. Only Replaced struts and brakes. Sold it to a friend so he could get to and from work and he blew the engine after running it out of oil. Bought a 1983 for my daughter two years ago and its running like a top. Bought a 1984 Diesel last fall and so far the rear brake lines have been it. It gets 45 to 50 mpg in the winter and 54 to 60 mpg in the summer. 58.9 mpg my last tank full mixed driving! Love them Rabbits!

21st Feb 2009, 03:57

I owned a 92 Jetta with a 1.8L 5 spd... it was one of the best cars I've ever had. It had problems though, the mechanic I bought it from was kinda a shyster. So I opted to drop a VR6 into it, cost me a lot of money. VR6's aren't cheap on parts, had a lot of fun with it, and then sold it for school.

I'm from T.O. and you don't see many Rabbits back home (they rust out). I came out to Vancouver and found one for $1000 from the original owner with 74000 kms.

Now I've put a little money into it: tires, drive shaft, ignition wires, fuel filter, brakes, calipers, rotors, headlight switch, and the clutch... all things that need to be replaced over time.

This car rocks, great fuel economy, and I trust it more than any new car... this thing will go forever. I obviously like working on my V Dub, I think it's part of being a VW owner... ooohh yeah it's a GTI, gotta love the sun-roof.

23rd Mar 2010, 22:05

I owned an 84' Rabbit, 3rd owner, and it had 850 000 km's on it, with only the head being rebuilt in that time, and wear and tear items typical for replacement on all vehicles.

I averaged 35-40 mpg, depending on how aggressively I drove the car.

24th Mar 2010, 12:25

Yes, these older Golfs (& Rabbits) were very decent little cars. It's too bad VW is having such quality problems & lack of good customer service these days.

24th Mar 2010, 13:01

I liked the diesel Rabbit pick up.