1987 Volkswagen Scirocco 16V 1.8 16v 6-cylinder


A classic waiting to happen


Keep in mind the car had only 28k miles on it at 10 years old. So although these are low mileages, the car was 10-13 years old for these repairs.

31,000 miles: replaced fuel transfer pump.

35,400 miles: replaced rotors, fuel injector seals.

37,400 miles: replaced CV joints.

39,000 miles: replaced oil pressure switch (leaking).

45,500 miles: replaced clutch due to a broken bearing in the clutch plate.

56,100 miles: replaced leaking fuel pre-filter.

56,400 miles: replaced alternator.

58,300 miles: replaced engine mounts.

61,900 miles: replaced A/C compressor.

General Comments:

Supremely reliable and long-lasting cars (people often forget how old they are when they complain about reliability).

The pinnacle of enthusiastic driving. Fantastic handling, great brakes, "let-me-at-him" acceleration and responsiveness.

Fits like a glove for drivers under 6'2".

This car has no real flaws except that they're hard to find in good shape. Fantastic seats. Out-accelerates a Porsche 944, out-handles a Ferrari 348 in stock form.

Keep in mind the cars are old and the chassis design borders on ancient. With that said, this car is nothing short of a classic waiting to happen.

Learn more about the Scirocco at:

http://www.scirocco.org (the homepage of the Scirocco List).

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Review Date: 3rd May, 2001

25th Jun 2010, 21:22

Outhandles a Ferrari 348? You are joking right? I have both of these cars, and they are not even on the same planet. The Scirocco is a nice, nimble toy... the Ferrari 348 on the other hand is a supercar in every sense of the word. If you don't agree, just check the body roll on the Scirocco, especially in stock configuration :)

1987 Volkswagen Scirocco 16V 1.7 gas


A must own for any performance nut


Transmission self-machined itself 1 week after ownership, resulting in a nice hole in the case. It had the typical grounding problem as well.

General Comments:


I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Let me put it like this, I also own a 2000 VW Jetta... I drive my Scirocco anytime we (the wife & I) have to go anywhere.

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Review Date: 3rd May, 2001

1987 Volkswagen Scirocco 16V 1.8L 16v


The car you love to repair!


Just about everything went wrong with my car. During the time I had it, the car had to receive a new clutch, transmission bushings, fuel pump, alternator, 3 coolant hoses, about 10 gallons of anti-freeze, and re-wiring was done inside the dashboard after an electrical fire started when I flipped on my headlights one night.

I really racked up about 105,000 miles, but the odometer was also messed up when the electrical fire happened, so I didn't fix it.

The power steering went out, but this car is easy to turn without power steering.

Condensation built up in the engine and it was EXTREMELY hard to start in cold weather. I usually had to flick the key back and forth about 30 times before it would start, then I would hold the gas in half-way for a while to get it to idle for me.

The final straw was when I got some new tires and noticed the axle boots were worn and all this dirt was between the axles. I just up and sold the thing for $1900.

General Comments:

Although all of these things went bad with my car, for some reason, I still loved the thing. I went out and did something stupid by getting some Pontiac Sunbird Convertible and I sold the Roc. Now I want it back so badly. This Sunbird is too reliable. I used to enjoy hitch-hiking after one of my roadside disasters with my Scirocco. Call me an idiot, but I liked this type of stuff.

I used to get it in first gear, and hit the gas real hard repeatedly. It would bounce up and down like it was doing the worm. It was really loud because of the holes in the muffler and exhaust system, but it gave it a kind of ringing sound when the engine was around 7000 rpm. I used to think I looked so cool in the Roc. I was always smiling in it and waving. I would be cruising down a LONG stretch of road, and I would have it in 5th gear. I would get tired of just sitting there and smiling, so I would hit the clutch and yank it into 2nd gear. Then I would work my way back up to 5th gear just for the fun of it. This was SUCH A FUN CAR. Roc, wherever you are, I'm so sorry I sold you to that local punk rocker with the blue hair. I love you, Roc.

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Review Date: 16th February, 2001

1st Nov 2002, 14:33

That's funny, it sounds exactly back wards to everything I've ever experienced. I've owned 5 VW's and 3 GM's in my life, and I will never buy another GM. I can't even imagine a reliable GM let alone a troublesome VW. That's the problem, I own a VW, it gives me no trouble so I take it for granted, then I sell it, buy a GM, it eats $200-$300 in parts a month, and I end up in another VW.

13th Jul 2005, 05:02

Great review, laughed all the way to Germany where I am picking up my 16V!

3rd Mar 2006, 15:44

Well its no wonder you had so many things go wrong when you nearly blew the motor going from cruisin in 5th down to 2nd. The pistons probably almost shot out the cylinders or exploded out the bottom...

29th Oct 2008, 20:03

Yea, it's unfortunate but the 16Vs are vulnerable to the same issues, but most can be fixed by tightening ONLY ONE nut! All the problems you list could have been resolved if you'd tightened up on the nut located right behind the steering wheel.

Hey, try dropping that Sunbird from drive to low once and you'll be back to hitching for good.

13th Jun 2011, 08:38

I too have had nothing but problems with a Scirocco 16v.

It was once a week until I traded it off for an S10 pickup. Stupid!

But last week I went and bought another. This one is black and the first one was red. This new one has the euro bumpers and coilover with BBS RMs which are a little bent but work at high speed.

I've been praying at night this black one doesn't act the fool like my red one did.

1987 Volkswagen Scirocco 16v 1.8 DOHC 16v


A rare, sweet performer from VW!


Motor mounts and cold-start valve need to be replaced.

General Comments:

This is a car I've wanted since it came out (I think I was 11...), I finally found one that was pampered and in very nice condition. I LOVE THIS CAR! It needs a few age/maintenance-related fixes, but the twin-cam motor is a screamer and the close-ratio trans is a pleasure to bang through.

The Recaro seats are great, and add to the fighter-jet ambiance of the car. I've had a lot of cars, but this is my favorite and I'll never sell it.

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Review Date: 30th July, 2000