1971 Volkswagen Type III Fastback 1.6


Rare and stylin' little rocket


The engine wore out, and needed a complete overhaul.

Replaced fuel injection system with Dellorto twin carburetor setup.

Replaced rear wheel bearings.

Replaced master cylinder.

Rust and body damage was repaired.

General Comments:

What a neat car. I always liked the unusual and different lines of the fastback VW, and really enjoyed my time with the little car. It always had crisp, smooth handling, a plush ride, and the transmission shifted like new.

The fuel injection system, while not a problem, was replaced upon overhaul because nobody in my area knew how to work on it, and I could deal with the carburetors.

The car had a surprising amount of room, with trunk space both front and back, and a roomy passenger cabin. Typical of cars of this era, there were some problems with rust. The front fenders of Type III's are prone to rust. Still, it was very solid and well built.

I'm looking for one now. They are old now, and comparatively rare, so I expect to pay quite a bit more than I did for my first one. If you have one, don't part with it thoughtlessly...

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Review Date: 1st January, 2006

23rd Feb 2006, 17:30

Hi guys, I'm from Birmingham, England UK. I own a 72 type III fastback. It's my daily ride. It's a custom and lowered to the max. My gal has nicknamed it Flat Herbie (cos it looks like a squashed Beetle). It's a well loved car. Hope you find one soon! Good luck.

1969 Volkswagen Type III 361031 1.6 liter


It's a great car as long as there is no breakdowns


When I purchased the Squareback it was running rough. I had it checked out and the mechanic said it needed a new computer and one cylinder had low compression. I cannot find a computer for it!!!

General Comments:

This car starts excellent.

It does not heat very well.

Parts are hard to find for this model.

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Review Date: 24th November, 2004

24th Nov 2004, 18:58

A computer will be hard to find and probably expensive.

Have you considered converting it to a carburetor?

24th Nov 2004, 21:16

69 Veedubs had computers?

25th Nov 2004, 05:24

I'd say if they car is running at all, the computer is working fine. First, fix the engine, change the piston rings or what ever is causing that cylinder to have low compression (my guess: a cracked cylinder head around the spark plug, very common air-cooled VW problem...). Then, see how the engine runs with this computer.

Computers either work or don't, it's very rare to find a computer working badly. Check also the sensors and if your alternator is delivering the proper voltage.

7th Dec 2004, 12:16

In 1969 a computer capable of running a car engine would have cost tens of millions of pounds in today's money, and they weren't used in cars - they were used by NASA to put men on the moon.

Find a mechanic experienced with air-cooled VW engines - not a "coo - funny looking video" type.

15th May 2005, 01:42

These cars DID have computers - the Type III Squareback's was located in the left sidewall of the cargo compartment if I remember correctly. This was one of the first electronically-controlled fuel-injection vehicles sold in North America, and the computer, which was about the size of a small briefcase, was used for this purpose alone - it had no other engine control functions. I had a rusted-out '69 Squareback that I sold to a guy who only wanted the computer out of it.

26th Nov 2005, 09:17

Try looking at http://www.shoptalkforums.com/

The computer must have been a very simple one, relying on analogue signals from various sensors (I would hazard a guess at manifold vacuum, throttle position and coolant temperature), and I suspect the distributor was retained.

10th Dec 2008, 18:49

For those of you who don't know. The air-cooled Volkswagen was the first mass produced car to offer electronic fuel injection.

1973 Volkswagen Type III 1.6


Awsome Car


When I bought it the fuel injection was messed up. When you would step on the gas it would go, but once you got to a certin point it would stop giving you power. It idled great, but that lack of power made the car really suck. When you had it in 4th and full throttle it would only go 60mph.

Original CV Joint Boots were torn.

Transmission Oil needed to be changed.

Brake's were going out, bleeding them didnt help.

E-Brake Cable on the drivers side was broke.

Seats were torn.

Take into consideration the age of this car, this isnt a new VW. The entire car is Original, with none of this stuff ever being replaced. Even the shocks were original, stamped VW, and they still rode nice.

General Comments:

Once I converted the car to carburetor, with headers, exhaust (Thunderbird), 009 Distributor, Petronix Electronic Ignition, Petronix Flame Thrower Ignition Coil, Manual Fuel Pump, (Basically an Early Squareback) the car ran great. She runs and drives great, stops on a dime, and is the most comfortable VW I have ever drove.

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Review Date: 6th September, 2004