Volvo C70 reviews from North America


C70 T5 2.5L

Well designed and well built fun car, with some "pop"

76 words


C70 T5 2.5 litre turbo

It is not a sports car, but I am very happy

113 words


C70 Convertible (w/max options) standard

I love my C70 hardtop convertible

381 words


C70 T5 Convertable turbo

Worth every penny

119 words, 2 comments


C70 Convertible 2.3 T-5

Good car, cheap on the second hand market

602 words, 2 comments

C70 Convertible 2.4L gasoline

Overall great automobile that is a pleasure to own and drive

152 words, 1 comment


C70 HT Coupe 2.4 turbo

I love this vehicle, would buy another Volvo

62 words

C70 Coupe

Expensive to buy and own, but if you have the bucks, it works well

C70 HT Turbo HT turbo

Stay away from Volvo-Bad reliability

200 words

C70 Coupe HPT- T5

Beautiful car with horrible reliability

241 words

C70 LT Coupe 2.5L turbo

342 words, 4 comments