V70 XC 2.4 turbo

This car gives a great sense of quality, luxury, and safety

286 words, 1 comment

V70 R 2.3 turbo

Shop around more

294 words

V70 2.4 non-turbo

Love these 2wd Volvos

177 words

V70 Cross Country 2.4L turbo

Reliable when maintained

105 words, 4 comments

V70 2.4L

Safety, reliability, cheap to purchase and run, easy to work on... what else could you want?

285 words, 13 comments

V70 XC 2.4L turbo


51 words

V70 GLT 2.4L

An excellent, fun, reliable car

109 words

V70 XC

Financial disaster to maintain, but great to drive

144 words, 5 comments

V70 GLE 2.3 turbo


104 words

V70 R 2.3 turbo

I'm hating this car

407 words, 3 comments

V70 R 2.3 turbo

Jack of all trades, master of none - it does it all very well

94 words

V70 GLT V5

Like a high maintenance girlfriend- looks good, but a lot of work

117 words, 1 comment

V70 glt gas-turbo

This car will save your life in a bad wreck

53 words

V70 2.4 liters

A very sporty wagon

62 words

V70 GLT turbo

Nice looking, lots of problems

90 words

V70 GLT turbo

I'm keeping it for another 10 years

91 words

V70 GLT 5 cylinder turbo

Probably the worst car I ever owned

202 words, 35 comments

V70 GLT 2.4 turbo

Performance with utility

64 words

V70 V8

Very good car, but not as solid as expected

40 words, 2 comments

V70 5 cylinder

The cost of operation is high

81 words

V70 Std Wagon 20 Valve 5 Cylinder

A reliable soccer mom wagon

73 words, 1 comment

V70 T5 I-5 HP turbo


36 words, 7 comments