V70 Base 2.4 gasoline

Comfortable, smooth, quiet, roomy, nice details; just hope it will be as dependable as my Honda was!

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V70 GLX 2.4

I love it

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V70 XC

Excellent maker, excellent car!

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V70 Base 2.4

Nice smooth car, quick and responsive with plenty of room

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V70 Base non-turbo

Perfect balance of utility, price, comfort and European ride and handling

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V70 AWD GLT 2.4 turbo

Meh... I'm on the fence about this wagon

458 words, 3 comments

V70 XC

No safer place while on the road for me and mine

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V70 V70XC 2.5 turbo

Very disappointing ownership

277 words, 3 comments


Very poor reliability and costly to own

72 words, 6 comments

V70 XC 2.5T

Better cars out there... Keep looking

227 words, 58 comments

V70 Five Cyl

Lemon, avoid at all costs

371 words, 10 comments