1999 Volvo V70 AWD GLT 2.4 turbo from North America


Meh... I'm on the fence about this wagon


Driveshaft went out almost immediately after purchasing used from dealer.

Control arm went bad on one side/front.

Thermostat went out, had replaced.

Had throttle body cleaned.

Had turbo cleaned.

Spring went bad, had replaced.

Engine mounts wore down to nothing, had them all replaced.

Idle control valve went out, had replaced.

Check engine light has come on probably 40 times since we bought it last year. Kid you not. Thank God we bought a car odbII reader that resets the engine light, or the dealer would be several thousand dollars richer yet.

Tons of issues with alignment initially, and after hitting tons of potholes in snow in Ohio, will need to get it all looked at again.

General Comments:

The interior is still in great shape for a car this age. I have spent over 4K USD in repair money and only paid 3500 USD for the car in the first place. This is our 8th Volvo, and I'm just honestly on the fence about buying another one. My husband owns an XC70 and it had the same issues with the "check engine" light coming on. But he hasn't had one issue with driveshaft/suspension like I have. His car was maintained through the dealer, and mine was driven to Denver and apparently run into the ground.

When I first saw this car, I knew it was the nicest Volvo in terms of interior that I'd ever driven. But the engine on our 940's and 740's blew this sucker away in terms of reliability. Bring back the B230FT engine! Sorry... got side tracked there...

Ahem...having had my car repaired at the dealer, I've driven all the new Volvos. My kids think it's all in great fun, and it's fun having a new car for weeks at a time. The newer V70's have this generation of V70 blown away in luxury, that's for sure. It's like a whole new level of sensory addiction. But at what cost? Each of the new XC70's/V70's that I've driven have had suspension/alignment issues. Each one. And the v50's bounce around like you're driving a light weight Yugo on the highway.

Due to this lovely recession we're in as a nation, we're going to keep driving our 7 series wagons until we just cannot take that stupid check engine light coming on one more time.

Honestly, I think if we would buy again, we'd look seriously at putting out more money and getting a BMW. I would love to be able to get my hands on a decent priced used (we never buy new) 5 series wagon. We need the wagon room and car handling. And for right now, my V70 and his XC70 are the best that we can get for the luxury and the price.

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Review Date: 17th March, 2008

8th Aug 2008, 12:36

Wondering on a detail list of what you paid for each repair? Was it more labor or part cost?

I am considering buying a 98 V70 T5 wagon that I just drove from TX to UT, close to 2k miles, and it ran great. Before trip had these done: Bvac n recharged (a small shop had put too much free on on it), rear pollution filter, rear left strut mount, trans service (hopefully it was a flush), diagnostic climate control chk, fault codes, trace wiring rear AC.

This VOLVO mechanic recommends: left CV axle boot is cracked, aux drive belt (some cracks but it drove OK 2 k miles ago). It was hit in RF corner and corner light bracket is broken.. it may replacement. Suggest change antifreeze, dist cap and rotor looks like has never been changed.

Email julioperez52@yahoo.com if you would like.

11th Feb 2009, 17:46

I can definitely relate to the check engine problem.

I just bought mine about a month ago and the check engine light has come on twice. The first time it was an oxygen sensor, and now a few days after being fixed the light has come on again!!!

Overall I love the car (the interior is SO comfortable and the engine has a lot of power), but I have to say older Volvos are more reliable.

I'm afraid of what might happen to it next...

16th Jan 2014, 22:55

I hope that no one has tried to change the distributor cap and rotor, because the '99 V70 does not have a cap and rotor.

Do fix your axle as soon as possible, though. That's not something that should be let go for very long.

1999 Volvo V70 XC from North America


No safer place while on the road for me and mine


ETS light kept coming on.

Failed brake sensor.

Rear lift gate malfunctions.

Cruise control failure related to check engine light.

General Comments:

Unlike many others who have reviewed this vehicle, I actually LIKE mine... and I'm not a soccer mom either.

Because my family road-trips a lot (back and forth to DC from the Deep South, we need something large, safe, and reliable. Our V70XC was just the ticket. Bought used this spring, we traded in a Toyota Highlander 2001 for the 99 V70XC... and even with the few problems we've had, it's still hands down the better vehicle for us.

Now, it is true that Volvo's are expensive to maintain... but so are Saturns, and those don't have nearly the safety rating or the comfort rating of this model Volvo. Maintaining a used Volvo is like maintaining a new car that has no warranty... it's just the costs of owning a luxury car, and that's what Volvos are: luxuriously SAFE!

We've used the extended warranty option on this car and our dealership was great about getting us a loaner for longer term repairs. The liftgate problem we are having currently we will have to go to a different dealer for, but I expect that we will still be happy with the result.

End judgement, if one comes available, GRAB it.

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Review Date: 9th May, 2007

10th May 2007, 10:41

I completely agree. You can't put a value on your familys lives. So in my book, a few little problems is worth this. The fact it is also exceptionally comfortable and with good looks is a bonus! Long live the V70.