1999 Volvo V70 GLX 2.4 from North America


I love it


Internal computer started to trip out of sync, and the car would not operate properly after three years.

Gas collator had to be removed and cleaned after 50,000 miles, which cost over $2,000.

Transmission not shifting out of neutral after 160,000 miles.

General Comments:

The 1999 V70 has been one of my favorite cars. Even though the car let me down a few times, I enjoyed driving the car, and it provided excellent utility. If I could purchase the same car again without the problems, I would.

Technology has surpassed the basic mechanics of the auto industry. After 160,000 miles, my engine is still running fine, and I suspect it will still be running when the car is sent to the scrapyard.

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Review Date: 20th June, 2011

1999 Volvo V70 XC from North America


Excellent maker, excellent car!


ABS module, window switch replaced, head of gear shifter wore out at 184000, alternator. All "wear and tear" items.

Bought it used from a person who DID NOT take good care of the vehicle.

Overall very few problems. Very reliable, great ride, looks great, my favorite Volvo to date!

General Comments:

I got my V70 XC at auction in 2009, and I have absolutely loved it! I will agree that Volvos aren't as good as the years have gone on. That because FORD bought them, and let's be honest, the quality of a Volvo and a Ford are incomparable. My parents have 3 94 850s that have been perfect. No really, my dad bought his 94 850 brand new and has only replaced tires, brakes, and basic "wear and tear" items. When Ford bought them, the electrical issues started.

I have had very minor problems, unlike most of the posters above. I will say that with Volvos there are a few VERY important rules.

1. You MUST maintain your car! Check your oil! Check your antifreeze! These are major things, and if one wears out, before you know it, you will blow a head gasket. Look for leakage under your car! Worn out brakes or tires are the fault of the DRIVER not the car.

Furthermore, the Emissions/Check engine light is a very minor problem. I drove my 97 850 with the check engine light on for over a year in college. It only means that somewhere there is a weak linkage in your emissions lines -- not usually a serious issue.

The second rule with all cars - Volvos especially - NEVER GO TO A DEALERSHIP! It's in their best interest to rip you off.

The only major things I have done to my car is an ABS module -- which should only be about a $200 job, not as much as anyone else keeps saying it should cost -- and my alternator. With most Volvo's ABS modules go wrong by the 10-14 yr mark.

PS - To the poster who believes it is only linked to brakes - WRONG! It's your computer system; anti lock brakes are a part of it, but it's also got a lot to do with all of your other electrical/computer sensors. GET IT FIXED. Look online, there's a guy who refurbishes them for $130.

I once had a rubber hose fail to my breather box... that was $10. Oh, and a rubber nipple on my gas tank went... but let's be honest, the car is 10 years old. Rubber isn't steel. It eventually fails.

Learn about cars. Don't trust dealers. And shop around. You'll find that most of the time a car isn't bad if you take care of it.

I absolutely love this car. My family currently has 8 Volvos ranging from an 2 240 wagons, 4 850s, 1 240 sedan, and my V70 XC. (and we've sold a few over the years.) Even old ones are better than the paying a car payment. I'd rather have a $200 bill to replace a 10 year old part every 6 mos, then pay $400 EVERY MONTH.

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Review Date: 14th January, 2010

14th Jan 2010, 19:02

This used to be the norm for Volvo reviews. I owned an '83 Volvo 240 Wagon I bought used in 1998. It had over 300,000 original miles on it. Everything was original. I drove it often, and had planned to restore it (body was quite rotted, but that was the only problem with it.) Unfortunately had to sell it before I could though. Ford ruined the new Volvo's.