V70 XC T5

After a brief hiatus, I purchased another one... enough said?

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V70 2.4 turbo

Afraid to find out

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V70 2.4T 5-cylinder gas, low-pressure turbo

Nice car, but lousy support/warranty

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V70 turbo

When it runs, it runs GREAT, when it needs repairs, it's very expensive

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V70 2.4T 2.4 turbo

Excellent car, relatively inexpensive.

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V70 T5 2.4T

FAST Luxury with the safety of a tank

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V70 2WD 2.4

Horrible vehicle from a reliability standpoint and would NEVER purchase a Volvo again!!!

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V70 T5 turbo

The car is an electrical nightmare

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V70 T-5 2.3L turbo

Generally disappointed in our first Volvo - expected better quality

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V70 XC turbo

My Volvo is a

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V70 T-5 2.5L turbo

Performance and safety comes at a price

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V70 T5 2.4 turbo

My worst ownership experience

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V70 Wagon

Performs well. Questionable safety

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