7th Feb 2016, 01:56

The above comment sounds like a 200k miles Volvo still drives like a new car. Which is obviously misleading. At 200k miles one will have put so much money into a Volvo that only having it serviced by a local mechanic can be affordable to keep it running. Even at 100k miles you can expect to need new suspension, control arm, and other less expensive items. By 200k miles quite a few more repairs will add to the list. So please stop saying a 200k miles Volvo or for that matter any other make is a perfect car.

7th Feb 2016, 11:01

I don't think anyone is pretending a 200k car is perfect; maybe the person commenting just means a car is still usable and reliable at 200k. Which is easy to believe, I know cars with 300k that still run fine. Search 500,000 mile Skoda Octavia on YouTube for evidence of just how tough some cars are ☺. Also you guys in the USA unfortunately seem to have quality control issues regarding some cars - take a look at the Volkswagen reviews on here for example. All USA reviews for them are negative, but in Europe they are built in Germany and are very reliable cars, and the reviews reflect this for cars in that part of the world.

7th Feb 2016, 19:01

I agree, my post 200k mile Volvo still drives excellently and without even a rattle, but I'm not going to pretend I haven't spent a penny on it, but then again I haven't spent any more than just general wear and tear items, and in my book that's very good and far better than my experiences with Ford and Toyota before it. I'm sure some Volvos break before this; they are only machines after all, but mine has been superb, and that's good enough for me.