XC70 2.4 turbo

Trustworthy, but expensive to maintain

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XC70 V70 XC 2.5L LPT

Best way to have a nice ride and avoid buying a minivan for the family outings!!

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XC70 2.4L turbo

My next Volvo will be a S80 Executive Series, but this car's been wonderful

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XC70 cross country 2.4 turbo

I've enjoyed this car for nearly 10 years/200,000 miles

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XC70 V70XC 2.4L Fuel Inj L5 turbo Vin:B5254T

Excellent ride and handling, VERY HAPPY!

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Comfortable, but not up to overall expectations

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Love it! Will probably keep it for a long time

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XC70 2.4 std

Solid and capable

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Too bad Volvo's reputation for safety isn't matched by it's reliability

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