1998 Volvo XC70 2.4 turbo from North America


Trustworthy, but expensive to maintain


MAF sensor at 140k.

Electrical bits and bobs malfunctioning: constantly.

O2 sensor went out at 80k and 130k.

Turbo started lagging at 120k.

Heater core leaking at 130k.

Air intake literally fell apart at around 120k.

Many other issues along the way... you lose track.

General Comments:

Actually very posh, but in a dowdy way: like a wealthy grandma.

Had some get-up-and-go when running well.

The engine was absolutely reliable; too bad the components were not.

The all-wheel drive is very, very good with ice, but poor with any significant snow (perhaps because the car is so heavy).

Poor fuel efficiency for a decidedly familial station wagon. Diesel would have been better.

The core elements of this vehicle (engine, transmission, axles, and so on) worked flawlessly. All the stuff bolted on to them fell apart.

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Review Date: 15th March, 2012

1998 Volvo XC70 V70 XC 2.5L LPT from North America


Best way to have a nice ride and avoid buying a minivan for the family outings!!


Replaced normal wear and tear items at time of purchase.

- Control arms, sway bar endlinks.

- Driver driveshaft and wheel bearing.

- Bevel gear oil change.

- Minor cosmetic fixes from previous owner.

- Normal oil changes with full synthetic.

General Comments:

I have had this 11 year old car coming up to 1 year. It is a very nice car for long distances, and has enough power and torque to make it fun to drive in the city or highway.

My previous 240 required less normal maintenance, but the difference between the 2 cars is night and day. If you purchase one of these, make sure you have the service history of the car. My car still has the original transmission and bevel gear in good condition after 200K miles (320K km). Take care of it and it should last a long time.

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Review Date: 21st September, 2009

1998 Volvo XC70 2.4L turbo from North America


My next Volvo will be a S80 Executive Series, but this car's been wonderful


O2 sensor replaced before purchase of car - $500.

New tires at ~170xxx miles.

New brake pads and rotors all around ~170xxx miles.

New turbo oil line and one radiator hose ~170xxx miles.

New control arms bilaterally at 190xxx miles.

New struts bilaterally at 190xxx.

New driveshaft at 190xxx miles.

Newer viscous coupler at 190xxx miles.

New fuel filter at 190xxx miles.

New oil return line at 190xxx miles.

New motor mounts (all) at 185xxx miles.

New timing belt 172xxx miles.

New serpentine belt (going on this week) 195xxx miles.

New spark plugs 192xxx miles.

New strut links 192xxx miles.

The viscous coupler went out on me at 185xxx miles. Was experiencing a significant "clunk" when going from forward to reverse in a turn (backing out of a driveway, then pulling away). Bought a new driveshaft (also bad), didn't fix problem. Found a viscous coupler at a salvage yard, had Volvo install it, and it is fixed.

General Comments:

This car has made two trips cross country (from MN to Las Vegas), and has performed spectacularly.

I am in love with this car. It is my first Volvo, and will definitely not be my last. I've put some money into the car, but with any car at this mileage, this is to be expected. I don't mind spending money on mechanical parts, because I accept these are wearable. Not fun to have to make repairs, but I live in MN. The seasons are not kind on vehicles. This car handles exceptionally well in all weather conditions. The snow is no challenge, and the handling is very predictable.

My first car was a '92 VW diesel Jetta, and I suppose only that vehicle handled more predictably than this car. I love this car. All 5 seats in the car are extremely comfortable. Even closing in on 200K miles, this car is in excellent shape.

I do agree with other users that this car could use some revisions. But we also need to understand that this is a prototype vehicle. The AWD XC wagon was new to Volvo at this time, and any major makeover like this proves to have some problems. I've accepted this, and I love this car.

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Review Date: 19th July, 2009

6th Jun 2018, 01:47

Sounds like it's needed far too many parts replaced for its age and mileage. I'm amazed that you are so happy with it.

6th Jun 2018, 13:45

The "viscous coupling" problem aside, I wouldn't say so, brakes and suspension and general service parts are par for the course when approaching 200,000 miles. I know some cars that need stuff like that at less than 100,000 miles - depends how hard it's been driven as well; even if the car's history documents show "serviced and cared for", it won't mean much if it's been driven hard.

15th Jun 2018, 12:31

You're right, I've had to replace the brakes and suspension on some used cars I've had at way less than 100,000 miles. I'm convinced they were rental cars in the first year or so of their life - and we all know how people drive rental cars.