XC70 V70 5 cyclinder soft turbo

It has been a great and comfortable pleasure

350 words

XC70 5-cylinder gas, low-pressure turbo

All round competent car with some quirks

328 words, 3 comments

XC70 turbo

Volvo: boxy, but good!

173 words

XC70 Cross Country

Garbage - avoid

534 words, 4 comments


Great car

47 words


Not at all what I expected when I paid the price I did, so I'm very disappointed

178 words

XC70 Cross Country 2.4 5 cylinder liter turbo

Favorite car ever, glad we bought it, 100k miles so far, some repairs, but nothing unreasonable

718 words, 1 comment

XC70 2.4L

It is a stylish, good-looking tank with reliability

147 words, 2 comments

XC70 AWD 2.4T


319 words


Better than my last one

86 words

XC70 AWD turbo

148 words, 1 comment

XC70 2.4 turbo

Safe, comfortable, expensive to repair

340 words


You can't hide what's inside, see Beverly Hillbillies

490 words

XC70 2.4

Have lots of money

23 words

XC70 Cross Country 2.5L I-5 turbo

Acts like a caffeinated child on windy roads when at high altitude

143 words


Wish I had not bought the car

86 words


Buy one now! Preferably mine..

36 words


I have been very happy with this car; its handling and its reliability

81 words

XC70 2.5L turbo

I would buy another XC70 in a heart beat

40 words

XC70 turbo

It's a blood sucker

48 words, 1 comment

XC70 XC 70 5 cylinder turbo

We love our XC70 and will drive it until 300K and then buy another!

195 words


A nice looking, comfortable piece of junk!

108 words

XC70 2.5 turbo

Unreliable, expensive to maintain. Volvo Customer Service could care less

464 words, 4 comments

XC70 2.4T

The most capable car I have owned

129 words, 1 comment


A very expensive money pit; we went wrong when buying this one (story of our lives!!!)

117 words, 1 comment

XC70 T5

The Volvo product is not as good as I had expected

176 words, 54 comments