2002 Fiat Stilo 1.6


So far so good =)


One coil broke the other day, £70 for a new one, 20 minute job, did it myself =)

Slight corrosion on front wings (bottom, stone chip).

Passenger door central lock defect.

Airbag light goes on/off of course =)

General Comments:

It's an old car with low mileage; air con, timing belt and front suspension were fixed prior to my take over.

Not much corrosion and it always starts.

It was a cheap car, but it's comfortable and offers very flexible solutions with seats and luggage space

Not too fast, but decent enough power. I mainly use it for long journeys.

Feel free to ask for tips =)

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Review Date: 28th November, 2013

11th Mar 2014, 20:52

Hi, I would like to buy a Fiat Stilo 1.6 16v Dynamic 3 door (year 2002) with 100,500 miles for 650 pounds. The problem is that the engine light appears on the dashboard, not flashing and not beeping. This "little problem" could be a big, big problem? What would you do? I need advice ASAP. Thanks, Maria.

10th Jan 2015, 03:18

Hi there. As the owner of a 2002 1.8L Fiat Stilo, I would advise against purchasing one. The car I have isn't reliable, and has plenty of mechanical and electrical faults. My mechanic has been scratching his head over the latest dramas with it. Got so tired of it that have contacted a Fiat wreckers yard to see what I can get for it as a wreck. They told me the 1.6L model is even more prone to faults, and they have heard of them being written off due to shoddy electrics. My advice is don't do it, and spend a bit more for something more reliable. The car has its good points i.e comfortable and nice to drive, but the depression of repair bills isn't worth it.